Step 34: Arming the Sherpa With a Telephoto Lens

PenfoldPlant then scuttled off to a good vantage point from which to take photographs.
<p>Mental, love it. I'd say I'm gonna try this but I'm really not. :)</p>
You guys are AWESOME!!
I would like to try this with real food. It would be difficult not to spill it, though.
I really enjoyed reading this instructable. It was especially fun reading your comments. Keep up the good works!
Thank you!<br><br>It was hilarious for us, so I'm glad you're enjoying reading about it :)
Nice touch with the coffee. <br>and @Biggsy I'm stealing those hands for later;)
You guys are crazy! <br>No-one eats cornflakes any more. Everyone knows that a bran based cereal is better for you, particularly on a Sunday morning. <br>Otherwise this is a most excellent and entertaining instructable. Great job!
You were probably glad to hear I knocked them down the cliff then ;-)<br>Also, one of the rolls was seeded wholemeal, and full of nutritional goodness. <br><br>Thanks for your kind comment. We had fun!
SO AWESOME!! I'm going to try this!! <br>Get some bacon and eggs while climbing, AWESOME!!
Cool, I can't wait to see the photos!<br>Be careful, obviously, but have fun!
i think i'll try it legit though<br>hoist a fully loaded tray up after me obviously with plastic plates and cutlery. mabey just cling film over the plates to prevent a spill.<br>should be fun :D
that is great. I didn't even know the food and everything was fake until i was told. wonderful. Although this conjures the obvious question of &quot;Why?&quot; i think i have found the answer: &quot;Because it's awesome&quot;
:-D<br>That's reason enough for us.
Haha! This is a great project. You totally had me going at first.
Thanks! I'm really pleased that people think it looks convincing. When we were at the rocks, we had a lot of fun walking along really carefully with the tray, then pretending to sneeze and nearly throwing the food all over startled bystanders.
So it was not for real ???&hellip;<br>I feel like being had &hellip;<br><br>Still have to find a way to have breakfast in a different way &hellip;<br>(maybe just another recipe ?&hellip;)
It was very real in that I was really up there on a cliff in my jimjams with a tray of food in my lap.<br><br>It wasn't real in that it was glued down and I didn't eat any of it.<br><br>This is more about taking the idea of brunch, and moving it somewhere totally unexpected. I'm sorry that our illusion fooled you! <br>(Well, I'm not really sorry, more proud ;-))<br><br>But if you want a recipe for very real eggs benedict I'd be happy to email you mine.<br><br>
Naaah ! &hellip; Dontcha worry about eggs benedict : would rather have them over.<br>It was only the wording &quot;brunch on the rocks&quot; that fooled me. I thought of another type of beverage for my brunch. <br>That's all.<br><br>Then again your performance on real rocks impressed me&hellip; But I thought it would go without saying.
Why not do it again later and up the ante? with real unsecured food? you might set a record.
yep &hellip; a record of messed up bacon, broken eggs and splashed orange juice and coffee as a funeral decorum over my dead body lying at the base of the cliiff.<br>But then everybody has to go : I may be famous for a few seconds in world history.
Oh. My. God. XDD<br><br>A) You guys *totally* fooled me, <br><br>B) Beyond just the kudos on that, the glass of champagne is BRILLIANT if you ask me. I saw that and was like, &quot;Wow! That's really going the extra mile!&quot; =D<br><br>C) Just amAZing work goin' rock climbin' in your jammies. ^_^<br><br>I've been learning how to unicycle, and once I get good enough, I'm totally gunna make myself one of these, and just cycle around enjoying a good brunch, and maybe even the paper. ;D<br><br>For reals, this instructable just totally filled my tummy with giggles and absolutely made my day more smiley! If I could give hugs through computers, you'd both get a big hug right now! =D
A) Great! Glad to hear that.<br><br>B) Thank you! We were rather chuffed with that idea ourselves.<br><br>C) Thank you again. I'm really happy we made you smile, and lots of hugs back to you!<br><br>PP can unicycle, while I gave up after a few scared attempts. However, I'd love to live vicariously through you and see pictures!<br><br>
You say that, but this is what happened last time I went unicycling...
That is utterly amazing and I was totally taken in by it! It all looks so real! The only bit I though looked &quot;impossibly neat&quot; was the drizzle of hollandaise sauce on the egg. But then I quickly dismissed that because I thought you put so much effort into making a good breakfast, that you made it that neat looking on purpose.<br>It all looks so appetising, too! I was thinking &quot;Wow this girl really enjoys a good breakfast!&quot;<br><br>You SO need to take that tray onto a rollercoaster or log flume ride at Alton Towers or somewhere and get your picture taken :D<br>It'll look something like this<br>http://xkcd.com/249/
Aww, thank you! I usually slather on a lot of hollandaise sauce (what can I say, I love butter!), but made an effort to keep it restrained, so the ham and egg could be seen clearly. Thanks also for the inspiration for where to take the tray next, and bonus points (oh yes, I rate the comments in my head) for citing xkcd :-D
You are amazing!
Thank you!
Funny ! <br>I'm going to add this ible to my favorites.<br>Sometimes I need to make fake things for some film set .<br>
Thanks! <br>My main two tips from this project: you can never have enough gelatine or superglue ;-)<br>
hehehe this is AWESOME welldone highfives allround :D<br><br>(one for each of you ;-) )
Thanks, Biggsy!<br><br>At the first possible opportunity, we'll both high-five the monitor together :-)
hehe okay then just remember <br><br><br>I am not in any way responsible for any damages that you may incur when claiming your high five. These include but are not limited to, damage to computers, wrists electrocution, surprise, and bouts of uncontrollable laughter<br><br><br>;)
Ah, your usual terms and conditions. We'll be careful!
Most excellent! I want to come along for a brunch climb.
Thanks! As PP said: next step is a dinner banquet and we're still recruiting waitresses ;-)<br><br>
Wow. 'Nuff said.
Thank you!
<br> Top stuff, much appreciated this bank holiday.<br> <br> L<br>
Well, there's never anything interesting going on during bank holiday weekends, anyway ;-)<br><br>Thanks, lemonie.
You guys are instructables heroes!!! :D
:-D<br>Thanks, jessy! I'm glad you like it.
Haha, very funny! Great job on the props.<br>
Cheers mikeasaurus,<br>The next step is, of course, making a full 12-person dinner banquet that can be bolted to a cliff face...
Bravo! I highly approve of this Instructable.
Thanks, randofo!

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