Introduction: Bruschetta Recipe

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Bruschetta is a fresh, simple and delicious Italian appetizer that can be prepared in minutes and enjoyed any time of the year. 

In its simplest Italian form, bruschetta requires that bread be toasted over real coals, then rubbed down with slices of raw garlic, drizzled with olive oil and finished with a little bit of sea salt and fresh pepper. 

Variations evolved to further incorporate things like chopped tomatoes, beans and fresh herbs.  This Instructable recreates the standard Italian tomato bruschetta that you'd often be served in an Italian restaurant at the start of a meal, quickly and easily in your own kitchen. 

If you've got 15 minutes and are looking for a delicious appetizer to start off your favorite Italian meal, then this bruschetta recipe Instructable is the answer for you.

Step 1: Ingredients

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Bruschetta is made up of very simple flavors, and is therefore best if you make it with highest quality and freshest ingredients you can find.
  • 2 lbs. fresh tomatoes (roma, heirloom, beefsteak...whatever is in season is best)
  • 1/2 fresh onion
  • 4 cloves fresh garlic
  • 1 bunch fresh basil
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt and fresh ground pepper
  • Italian bread or baguette

Step 2: Dice the Tomatoes

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Using a sharp knife, dice the tomatoes as small as you can.  I try to aim for 1/4" cubes and try to mush or break the tomatoes as little as possible.

Step 3: Chop the Onion

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Next, finely chop the onion and throw it into the bowl.

**If you're opposed to using raw onions, you can also lightly saute the chopped onion in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.  It adds a sweeter deeper flavor to the bruschetta, and is an excellent variation to this recipe.**

Step 4: Chop the Garlic

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Next, chop the fresh garlic and add it onto the growing pile of deliciousness.

Step 5: Add in Fresh Basil

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Add in some fresh basil to taste.  I'm using 3-4 large leaves here, but there's no "right" amount.

The cutting method that I'm using to chop the basil is called a chiffonade.  Check out the How to Chiffonade Instructable for a complete explanation of that method.

Step 6: Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Picture of Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Add in the extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper and mix the ingredients thoroughly. 

If you've got the time, let the mixture setup for 30 minutes in the refrigerator, if you don't it's also delicious when eaten immediately.

Step 7: Toast the Bread

Picture of Toast the Bread

Cut 1/4" thick slices of fresh Italian bread or baguette and toast them.

A proper bruschetta would use real hot coals to toast the bread, but it's perfectly understandable if don't have access to a slow burning fire moments before serving dinner.  Toast the bread in a toaster, or under the broiler if you've got a big batch.

Once the bread is good and toasted, remove it from the oven and use a pastry brush to paint each slice of bread with olive oil.  Then, using half a hunk of raw garlic, rub one side of the crusty slices down to impart some delicious garlic flavor directly onto the bread.

Step 8: Serve

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Finally, pile as much of the bruschetta as possible onto the freshly toasted bread, serve, and enjoy!


Susieque921 made it! (author)2017-08-14

Love the taste of this bruschetta. I added 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar to kick it up. I put it on flat bread pizza crust topped with coarse grated parmigiano reggiano. Delicious.!!!

silm (author)2017-04-21

Amazing recipe, Looks really good.

Swansong (author)2017-04-12

Yum! I love bruschetta! I need to try this. :)

kc2com (author)2017-03-04

Used this as a base recipe to make complex dish. Absolutely nice fish.

GordB4 (author)2016-08-22

I love this recipe.
Bruschetta and a Caprese Salad
Is all I need

Darthorso (author)2016-08-04

Congratulations from an Italian ;)

TeresaH54 (author)2016-07-18

Fast, easy delicious...a hit every time

5starmom (author)2015-05-10

This is a great recipe I also add 2Tbsp of balsamic vinegar to it

javilove2016 (author)5starmom2016-05-26

Is the balsamic vinegar a good taste in it ?

Kriyarale (author)2016-02-16

This is lovely recipe and i also try this

bonnie.boyce2 (author)2014-09-09

can u also add parsley to it too? if so how much should I put in? I will still put in the basil as it is instructed but want to know how much parseley if I do?

11Brenda (author)2013-11-22

Now I'm hungry!

gen81465 (author)2013-07-09

In the previous step, you mentioned giving a light sauté to the onions to cut down on their harshness. This also applies to the garlic, as you can sauté it with the onions, or roast the garlic in the oven and use the roasted cloves in the recipe. In any case, YUM!

TSMD (author)2013-06-02

I like to top it off with a little feta cheese and then place under the broiler for another couple minutes before serving but this is a great recipe already!

wallybule (author)2013-03-06


mlewis32 (author)2012-12-22

Cannot wait to make this for Christmas Eve!

mmorgan19 (author)2012-12-17

just made it for dinner tonight with pan fryed chicken breast

fastEddyskl (author)2012-12-01

Adding a couple of sliced olive rounds to the topping will add that extra punch of saltiness that you crave. A slice of mozzarina torched on top will add variety to the platter of pre-dinner snacks.

Bennions89 (author)2012-08-05

This makes me really wish I liked raw tomatoes. ;(

susanchen2011 (author)2012-06-28

It made my mouth water.

kaylaangelkisses (author)2012-06-23

When ever my birthday comes aroung(and still is) my grandparents make me this with homemade garlic bread while I'm waiting for people/cake

jlichtenberg (author)2011-09-05

I make this all the time, I also finely chop black & green olives, (even a little mushroom), for a little more flavor. We also dip / brush each side of the bread with olive oil then melt provolone or mozzarella slices on them.
Quick and easy, and everybody loves it....

kdom22 (author)2011-03-23

Also AMAZING if you have some fresh mozzarella on hand...add to the top of the bread before your topping. It's slippery, but SO worth it!

solarblade90 (author)2010-10-25

I must say,

After reading this instructable, my taste buds were tingling with excitement and I was drooling onto the floor. I have always adored Italian food especially Bruschetta.

Thanks for this amazing instructable.

Meesy7 (author)2010-09-10

Italian salsa!

alkemya (author)2009-11-14

Hallo there!
what about a "true Italian" variation about this recipe?

If you can exchuse me for my bad English, here's the hack: no onion (is not part of the original recipe), and, if you like the garlic but are scared about "social issues" with your breath, use only a bit of it chopped very small and left, with oil (not salt to avoid the tomato to "steam too much") for an hour at least and, just before serving, rub garli OVER toasted bread dosing "your flavor"... you'll be delighted!

Zem (author)2009-11-14

I love Bruschetta! 5* 

Goodhart (author)2009-11-14
Oh this looks absolutely scrumptious, whether with an Italian meal or whatever (like Mexican)
lemonie (author)2009-11-14

Lovely stuff, I like these things.
I wonder about the garlic though, rubbing the bread gives you "subtle", but it will be masked by the "strong" in the topping - why both?


l8nite (author)2009-11-13

Nice "ible" and nice pics to ! they look absolutly delish !  We do a variation on this using torpedo rolls (small oblong hard rolls) and more of a salsa like topping (all of your ingrediants but with peppers of various heat levels)

jessyratfink (author)2009-11-13

Those look delicious. Nothing beats raw garlic and onions! :D

killerjackalope (author)2009-11-13

Tasty and beautiful photos...

I plan to make bruschetta every time I get a baguette, I always make some monstrous amalgamation of Bruschetta and baguette pizzas that seems to get hotter than the sun in the course of cooking...

Though I love making up the sauces for such things, writing them down or replication is always impossible though

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