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Introduction: Brush Hook

I have a pretty serious art-crush on a guy named Dominic Wilcox. This is my first shameless attempt to completely ripoff his work. Please do not leave a comment telling me that the brilliant Dominic did this first (I am well aware). He has a few really simple and brilliant project that make for great Instructables. Wilcox made the Brush Hook in 2011. My friend Amos and I ripped him off with a friend about a month ago.

All you'll need to join me in copying this project is a paint brush, epoxy resin, tape, plastic sheet, rubber gloves and a cup to mix in. You may find yourself inadvertently covered in epoxy, so consider yourself warned. This project has a high potential for mess making.

Ps. Yes, I realize this is a waste of a perfectly good paintbrush. I hate destroying tools as much as the next guy, but I liked Dominic's idea enough to try it out myself.

Step 1: Mix It Up

Start by mixing a bit of epoxy. I suggest mixing the resin with the brush you will be making into a hook.

Step 2: Wrap the Brush

Use the plastic sheet to wrap the brush after it is thoroughly soaked in epoxy. Amos and I used a thick plastic sheet, but in hindsight I think simple plastic food wrap would work even better.

Step 3: Bend It

To create the hook you'll need to curve the bristles of the brush over. The easiest we found to do this was simply to bend the brush over and tape the plastic wrap to the handle.

The only thing left to do after securing the bristles in their bent pose is to wait for the epoxy to set. Once it has set unwrap the bristles and hang up your hook.

Step 4: Hang It Up

Now that you have a completed hook you can hang it by your studio door and use it to hold a hat or coat.

With the larger brush we decided to create a double hook, but this was quite difficult. If you have suggestions on how to make this more easily post a comment below.



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Glad you like them.

that is reall creative and smart

This just reminds me of that Hair-Do-Thing in "There’s Something About Mary" ...


You could use the same method on hair, but I don't recommend it....

don't have to ruin a paint brush just wait till you need to spread epoxy then use a brush to do it and then leave it this way when your done that way you don't feel so much is being wasted.

I agree, this is a bit of a waste of a brush. I like your suggestion.