Brush Your Teeth With a Bottle of Jack (Jack Daniels Toothbrush)





Introduction: Brush Your Teeth With a Bottle of Jack (Jack Daniels Toothbrush)

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Do you wake up in the mornin' feelin' like P-Diddy?
Do you grab your glasses and run out the door to hit the city?

Before you leave you're gonna need to brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack.
Because when you leave for the night, you're not coming back.

What You're Gonna Need:

- Empty and Rinsed Out 50mL Jack Daniels Bottle

- Replacement tooth brush heads (I used a pack of generic ones from the Dollar Tree)

- A screw (I just found one around the house, probably better to use one without rust on it)

- A screwdriver

- A hammer

Step 1: Don't Stop, Make It Pop.

Line up your screw with the o on the 'No. 7' part of the lid and give it a few taps with the hammer to poke a hole through that is large enough for your screw.

Step 2: You Build Me Up, You Break Me Down.

Take the screw and insert it from the inside of the lid, so that it sticks out the top.

Put your toothbrush head on the screw, and screw that screw into the toothbrush head until it is tightly attached to the lid.

Step 3: Now, the Party Don't Start 'til I Walk In

Replace the lid onto your 50ml Jack Daniels bottle.

You *could* use some sort of adhesive to attach the lid, but I prefer to leave it loose so that I can replace the brush head every 3 months, like the dentists recommend.

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Brilliant! I want one!

Thi$ i$ a truly awe$ome idea.

This is awesome!! Best toothbrush ever!

this is such a funny idea!!! I have to try this sometime and see how many confused looks I get... ??

Love this one...

Funniest instructable I've seen in ages :D

I want to do this to my electric toothbrush now.

Great tutorial!!! Love this!

kesha have to see that

I'm not sure why I would need such a toothbrush as this, but it does have a certain appeal :) You just earned yourself some votes!