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This is an inexpensive way of keeping any number of brushes wet while painting with water based paints or between sessions. It can also be used for hanging brushes to dry tip downward.

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Step 1: Materials needed

You will need:

1) A fairly deep square or rectangular water holder.  I bought surplus motel 'ice buckets' at a kitchen supply store.

2) Pipe insulation - approximately 1.75 inch diameter with a 1 inch center hole. (From any hardware store) Other sizes will probably work.

3) Something for marking where to cut the insulation - chalk, pastel, paint, sharpie - you just have to be able to see the marks

4) An Exacto knife... this will need a fresh blade!

Step 2: Cut insulation

Picture of Cut insulation

Cut a length of insulation to fit on a side of your container.

Step 3: Mark the area for cuts

Picture of Mark the area for cuts

Mark on the end of the foam where the brushes will fit without hitting the top rim of the container... You must leave enough room at the bottom (next to the tube opening) so that there is enough material to hold it all together.

Mark along the length of the insulation at those two points. You will not want to cut slits beyond these lines.

Step 4: Mark slits for brushes

Picture of Mark slits for brushes

Mark out slits for the brushes.
Bigger brushes need wider slits, so you'll probably want a variety of widths. The length of the slits will all be the same.
Important....The ends of the slits need to be bigger so that the foam doesn't just 'spit out' the brush when you push it in.

Step 5: Cut the slits

Picture of Cut the slits

Use an exacto knife with a NEW blade to cut your slits.

When done,  put the holder on your water container and try it out. You may find that you want to do more trimming.

Step 6: Dry brushes, too!

Picture of Dry brushes, too!

Bonus! Dry your brushes safely! You can put this brush holder on a weighted cardboard box to safely dry your (completely cleaned) brushes tip downward. Rocks, water bottles etc work well as weights.
Wow. haha I literally just wrote down an idea for drying brushes and then I click on the next page and I see your invention. Great minds thing alike. lol My idea was a bit different though but this is good :)
mole1 (author)  DANgerous1244 years ago
Hey, the more postings of different ways of doing this stuff, the better - Go for it, DANgerous124! After all, we don't all have the same materials available when we need them. What kind of painting are you doing?
My idea works for any kind of painting really. It's just a holder to let brushes dry.. I like your other instructable for keeping brushes wet as well.
kariswg14 years ago
wonderful Idea......