Step 5:

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When your ready to eat, boil for 5 min if fresh, 8 min if frozen.


-Wonton wrappers= dough
-be sure the edges are sealed completely or when boiled the filling will boil outt 
-try flavor variations, desert, different meats, vegetables, sauces
- sauce is important 
-the pasta dough dries out and gets tough very fast, a way to avoid that is to cover the dough with a wet paper towel
-no rolling pin, use a can and muscles
- use the leftover pieces of pasta dont waste them
-salt the boiling water
THEYRE NOT CALLED RAVIOLIS. RAVIOLI is plural  in its form. I cringe when I hear RAVIOLIS
- if youre doing spinich ravioli, drain all water from spinich, it will  make the dough too sticky if wet .