Picture of Bubble Alarm Clock Makes Waking Up Fun(ish)
Waking up to a buzzing alarm clock sucks. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to wake up before the sun is out (or has been out for many hours). So what better way to make waking up fun than having a bubble party in bed!

Using an arduino and a commonly available bubble machine toy, you too can wake up to the joy of bubbles.

Take a look at the alarm in action:

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
The Parts (you can definitely substitute for stuff you have around the house):

Bubble generating toy: Super Miracle® Bubbles Bubble Factory (purchased at Michaels for 12 bucks)
Microcontroller: Arduino (old Seeduino in my case)
LCD display: Sparkfun Basic 16x2 Character LCD
Snooze button: Staples Easy Button
LED: ThingM BlinkM
Transistor: TIP-120 (Radio Shack 276-2068)
Relay: 5V SF COM-00100
Assorted buttons/switches to adjust time: SF COM-09190 & SF COM-00102
Potentiometer: SF COM-09806
Diode (1N4001)
Resistor 2.2K
Power adapter for arduino
Pin headers


Soldering iron
Wire Strippers
Zip Ties
Gravity Boy3 years ago
Cool idea in theory and seems to work well in reality, good job. Don't think I would like bubbles in the bed, like my distaste for crumbs. A device that dumps sticky syrup could work as well but not for me, however some like the bubbles.


Happy tinker.
fixitmandan3 years ago
Alex Mercer3 years ago
Good keep it up! ;)
mikeasaurus3 years ago
This is awesome!
poofrabbit3 years ago
My cat would love this if the bubbles were the cat nip kind! Very creative, nice job.
JKPieGuy3 years ago
This is pretty cool and really creative! But I'd kinda have to laugh if someone got the bubbles in their eyes, now that would really wake them up! XD That's the only negative thing that I'd have to say about the project and having soap residue all over the place, but other than that GREAT JOB!
Kiteman3 years ago
Eww, fun? Having wet bubbles all over my face and in my eyes as I wake up? No thank you!

However, this would be a cool way to announce times when you're awake - maybe as a replacement for the school bell in a school for the deaf?