Picture of Bubble Gum Machine Costume
Hello Everyone

My and my girlfriend (in the picture) , had a costume party ( from my company ).

We decided to build something awesome that will win us first place ! and we did! :)

We won an electric bike :)

Enjoy this two week , evening work project

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Step 1: Cardboard !

Picture of Cardboard !
I arranged from my work 2 big Cardboard - Used for recycling purposes.

Step 2: Cut it in two

Picture of Cut it in two

Step 3: Strengthening it via an additional Cardboard

Picture of Strengthening it via an additional Cardboard
Found a Cardboard tube from the place i work .

Step 4: Strengthening it

Picture of Strengthening it
Wrapped it with the Cardboard , it is a lot of work , prepare yourself

Step 5: Apply duck tape on all sides

Picture of Apply duck tape on all sides
Taped the entire costume with it , this must be strong in order to keep it from tearing apart

Step 6: Plexiglas Time!

Picture of Plexiglas Time!
Bought a 2x1 m Plexiglas , cut it according to the desired size .

Step 7: Plexiglas Cutting!

Picture of Plexiglas Cutting!
Used the Dremel 3000 tool to cut it.

 Amzing tool , very accurate and easy to use

Step 8: Cutting Finished

Picture of Cutting Finished
Created a 20x 70 cm cut for us to breath!  mui importante 

Step 9: Add additional cut above for Circulation of air

Picture of Add additional cut above for Circulation of air

Step 10: Add LED lights!

Picture of Add LED lights!
We must put something special in it aren't we ?

I took a 12v 7amp Battery ,some wires , small switch , and a 1.5 meter of LED Strip.

Came out very nice!

Step 11: Soldering time!

Picture of Soldering time!
Solder all the wires  to the LED strip

Step 12: Battery Placement

Picture of Battery Placement
The battery was a major issue.

I did not know where to place it , it is heavy , and my girlfriend is not quite  a body builder ( Thank god )

So eventually i found a great solution , i would hang it on the back upper side of the costume, that way you can balance your self with it , and moreover it cannot fall

Step 13: This is the Straps that i used

Picture of This is the Straps that i used

Step 14: Add Straps to hold the costume

Picture of Add Straps to hold the costume
The Costume will "sit" on the shoulders .

I prepared two straps  that will hold the entire costume , and will be hanged on you.

Like Sliix !

Step 15: Wrap it with wallpaper

Picture of Wrap it with wallpaper
I took from our supermarket long wallpaper , it`s free for use so i took advantage of it.

 It took forever to wrap it.

But it came out a good color and gave it a real look of a candy machine

Step 16: Adding balls !

Picture of Adding balls !
Bought cheap balls to place inside the Costume

Step 17: Toys!

Picture of Toys!
My costume was  A Claw Machine.

My brother brought me a bunch of toys from his children

Step 18: Almost there!

Picture of Almost there!

Step 19: Starting to see the end :)

Picture of Starting to see the end :)
Almost done!

We printed a lot of stickers and taped them on the costume

Step 20: READY!

Picture of READY!
After two and a half weeks of working in the evening  , we finally made it !

It was hard work , but it came out the best costume ever!!!

And the best thing about it , we won the Electric bike!

Comments are welcomed