Bubble Gum Snowman!!





Introduction: Bubble Gum Snowman!!

This is a snowman out of bubble gum! I didn't add any eyes, nose, etc. It's hard to make unless you could be gently and have patience. Well have fun and don't forget to comment!

Step 1: Bubble Gum or Gum

Grab a pack of any type BUBBLE GUM as long is it can blow a bubble.

Step 2: First Bubble

Blow a bubble not too big or small.
With the bubble gum still in your mouth, gently start twisting the bubble clockwise or counterclockwise. 
Do this carefully or else your bubble pops.
You should get something like this.
Bite off the little conector(strand) and you should get a bubble.

Step 3: Making Snowman

Place the first bubble(base) on a clean surface and see if it start shrinking.
If it doesn't then make another one smaller than that one.
Follow step 2 and stack the medium one(body) on top of the big one.

Step 4: Done!

Make the smallest of the three(head) and stack it one the medium one(body).

Step 5: Decorations(Optional)

You can decorate your snowman or not. It's up to you.



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    that is so cool! its amazing

    That actually looks cool.:))

    TOO CUTE!!!! ;-D