Picture of Bubble Head Magnets
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Here we make magnets with your friends or families head magnified in each of them. Everyone ends up looks slightly deformed, but that just adds to the fun. I made a couple sets for my family and groups of friends.

This is what we need:
Little glass pebbles (used for silk flowers)
Small pictures of people
Hot Glue gun

Step 1: Cut out little pictures

Picture of Cut out little pictures
I cut out little pictures with the X-acto knife of the people I want to be magnified by the pebble. I did a couple trial runs on non-photo paper to get the sizing right and then I printed them out on photo paper.

mdhaworth8 years ago
The index prints that come with your photos these days (if you get photos printed at the store rather than at home) are the perfect size for these magnets. I hack up all my index prints into face/photo magnets for family.
this is pretty much a repost
but you used a slightly different piece of glass.
There are multiple ways to do the same thing, and we like to see them all. Also, have a look at the first hit in the related sidebar. Beyond the fact that your comment isn't exactly constructive, the related system has already found that other Instructable.
I know thats why I said "pretty much" , I'm not like mad or anything just so that if someone didn't know that one existed they could see the "multiple ways to do the same thing"
hethlee8 years ago
Yeah, I added the other magnets with the magazine cut outs but I like your idea of the faces. I thought about doing the alphabet and they you could spell out words and sentences. They are fun to make, arent' they?
missrilla8 years ago
Good stuff Trish! Thanks :) Would be nice made into a bracelet too.
Very Nice! I would use rare earth/neodymium magnets very strong!
lemonie8 years ago
Yea, cool. L