Picture of Bubble Head Magnets
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Here we make magnets with your friends or families head magnified in each of them. Everyone ends up looks slightly deformed, but that just adds to the fun. I made a couple sets for my family and groups of friends.

This is what we need:
Little glass pebbles (used for silk flowers)
Small pictures of people
Hot Glue gun
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Step 1: Cut out little pictures

Picture of Cut out little pictures
I cut out little pictures with the X-acto knife of the people I want to be magnified by the pebble. I did a couple trial runs on non-photo paper to get the sizing right and then I printed them out on photo paper.

Step 2: Pick out the Pebbles

Picture of Pick out the Pebbles
Before I did any gluing, I made sure that the picture and pebble fit each other. The pebbles are all slightly different sizes, so it's best to do a test run first. Although, I find it very easy to peel the picture off without any damage right after I apply the glue.

Step 3: Glue back of pebble

Picture of Glue back of pebble
I used hot glue and put a little dot of glue on the back of the pebble.

Step 4: Attach Picture

Picture of Attach Picture
I then immediately applied the picture, face down, on the glue and squished it flat. After this, I put a little self-adhesive magnet that I bought at Michaels. They probably sell them at your local drug store.

Step 5: Admire!

Picture of Admire!
They look ridiculous! But all your friends will love them. Neat.