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This will be the first Trike were you can ride in the front wheel. This is a electric vehicle and will be made of lite metal,plastic and rubber.
The Bubble Trike has three wheels ,the front wheel is the accelerating and steering wheel, in the front wheel there are two seats and the control panels which are position at the lower mass of the wheel, this is  also the location of the motor, this part of the vehicle has two doors that are made out of plexiglass which have the shape of a half bubble . The Batters are located in the rear wheels this section of the vehicle is constructed to stabilize and balance  the vehicle at high speeds,at low speeds the rear section moves forward to aline with the front wheel, this allow the vehicle to turn at the center point of the vehicle. The size of this vehicle can be compared to a 2012  V W Beetle .


Dominic Bender (author)2014-01-15

I do not quite get the point of this... I do not actually feel instructed by it ;).

nerfrocketeer (author)2014-01-14


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