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         Just this year my mom got a job as a teacher, and she's been having a great time educating her students. Like any teacher (or parent educating their children) my mom has been looking for different creative ways to have fun with the kids and learn at the same time. This instructable will share with you the bubble wrap flash card system I created to help children realize that learning can be fun! As a result, I found out that the same system can be used for a variety of subjects, so I hope you will find this instructable helpful! Using the fact that nearly everyone (kids as well as adults) love popping bubble wrap, I combined this enjoyment to their education! The learning objective I had in mind when creating this project was to help kids have fun and thus better retain the information they learn. Studies have proven that kids who are active in their education and are able to have fun at the same time, are able to learn better. Who wouldn't want to learn when you can pop bubble wrap? Following along with these instructions will allow you to make one of your own bubble wrap flash card systems, I hope you enjoy it!

Suggested Age: Really any! I think that kids that range from kindergarten to fourth grade would enjoy it the most.
Learning Objective: This idea would help kids not only have more fun while learning, but also would help them retain information. 

Have Fun!!!!!!

Step 1: The Materials

               To create this fun project, the first thing you need to do is gather up all the materials! I have a picture attached above of all the things you'll need. For the most part everything in this project you will likely just have lying around, and anything you don't have should be super cheap at any craft store. 

      - Paint (Any Color)
      - Card-stock Paper (Any Colors)
      - Wooden Picture Frame
      - Clear Plastic Photo Frame
      - Nails and Screws
      - Marker
      - Hammer
      - Coping Saw
      - Paint brush
      - Hot-Glue
      - Chisel
      - Scissors 
      - Drill

* Remember also to use safety glasses and other protection when doing wood work!
<p>*pops all of it</p>
Awesome idea with a great academic connection. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the comment! It was a fun project to work on
This seems like a great learning device! I'm sure kids would love to use this.
Thanks! I'll definitely let you know how the kids in my mom's class like it!
That's an awesome idea! I love bubble wrap!
Thanks for the comment! Bubble wrap has always been one of my favorites as well! :)

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