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I removed all items from the sliding single pane window shelf. The next things was to put the storm window in place. I uses no adhesive. The clothes hanger wire allows for some tension and holds it 95% in place with some tucking here and there.
The following 3 pictures show the insertion and the finished product.

****** This bubble wrap window is the second one I have made. Turns out the last one did have yellow tape and some shampoo bulid up, but it lasted 2 years ****** not bad for nearly FREE!!!

If you have questions feel free to ask.

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hms10183 years ago
I'm in Michigan and this is a sweet idea. Thanks
kc8hps (author)  hms10183 years ago
Hey, I'm glad you liked it. If you liked this one you might like my Instructable on how to weather strip a window on the cheap and I mean pennies!!!

dahut3 years ago
Ive used bubble wrap to insulate chicken coops and cold frames, so this is another good use of the material.
Im thinking a more rigid frame of wood or aluminium strip stock would allow the film to be drawn taut and look a bit more "finished."
Secure the frames with some sort of removable fastener or cleat, and then store them in a closet or attic once winter is passed. They would take up very little room that way.
Great idea.
veeisme3 years ago
This is a brilliant idea. I too live in a mobile home that was manufactured in the '70s and hate how the single-pane windows ooze cold into the house all winter long, but I also have cats who do their damnedest to rip plastic out of the windows if it's the transparent stuff!
I'll definitely be trying this, because the bubble wrap seems like it would be a decent deterrent to my cats, since I've had a "bad" habit of randomly walking up behind them and popping bubble wrap for as long as I've had both of 'em. >:D
dangerine3 years ago
I think you just saved me $15 - $30 a month in heating bills for the winter. Hope to remember to check back in around March to let you know what the actual savings were because of your awesome storm window! THANK YOU!
MargueritaM3 years ago
This is awesome! I was just trying to think of a way to do something similar :) I might use tension curtain rods, instead of the coat hangers. You can buy adjustable tension rods (meant for curtains) at WalMart. They have an inner spring and rubber caps on the ends. I use them a lot and I love the fact that they are not permanent. I can't wait to put some bubble wrap on some and try this out!
TigerMoon3 years ago
Nice! I live in a 41 year old trailer so I know about inadequate insulation! Have been using bubble wrap (the big bubbles) for a couple of years now. I actually like the way it looks too, nice diffuse light and it provides a bit of privacy, tho double layers would work better. Maybe I'll add an extra layer this year.
raviolikid3 years ago
Great idea! I think I just may try bubbly wrap for insulation in my bedroom this winter. Dollar Tree - here I come!

b3243 years ago
I love this project. I have windows of enormous proportions in a house built circa 1927. Yes it has single panes. Although we wrap the windows seasonly, I have never thought of making a frame! And you're right, the taping the windows is a bother. Thanks, I've got to go get ready for cold weather.