Bubbling Fire.





Introduction: Bubbling Fire.

This was something I came up with last night. Propane from a camp stove can is injected into the water inside of a bean can. Copper tubing 1/4 inch is bent over onto its self to close one end and a small hole is drilled into it. A hole the size of the copper tube is made into the can with a screwdriver. To make it watertight I used hot glue. Propane is feed to the can through a modified torch and aquarium air tubing.

This is fairly safe but it is still dangerous use common sense around fire.

Video is a little hard to hear. Also I do not have any video editing software. I used the cheap one that is built into the camera which at least let me merge 3 videos.



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BEWARE!!!!!! on attack of the show i seen somone make fire bubbles and i thought id try.(i made them from taking soapy water and spraying axe underwater) i did this on my deck and my brothers came to see what i was doing. quickly i tried to blow it out.DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!! i was lucky and only got my hair singed a little and i got burned under my eye. i think im lucky but others may not.again i beg you not to try to blow out this or anything like this

why not add some dish soap t the water? and maybe and fish aquarium bubble stone for the gas to bubble through, burning foam ;) if you used a lighter than air gas like hydrogen it could be a very interesting

theres real potential for back burn along the pipe. Hope you where using a valve!

I was using the torch valve. A half of a turn was all that was need for full flow. I did not crank the valve all the way open. The bubbling over was the full flow.

is good. :)

wont the water prevent the back burn since its not a continues flow but instead bubbles

It wouldn't back burn anyway, cause there's no air going into the pipe.

from what i understand, propane wont flashback

They did this at a Disney show in Florida, There were 30-40 ft tall flames that burned the propane bubbled through the water