Christened the Buccaneer , this is our take on a Steampunk Keyboard design - essentially a mechanical computer keyboard that has been modified to resemble an old world aesthetic. The project was inspired by the Steampunk Keyboard created by Jake Von Slatt .

A few more photos of the completed Buccaneer Keyboard can be found on rampkins.co.uk

And, just to show it is a fully functional keyboard, see it in action in the video below!


We hope you enjoy our build log!

Step 1: Making the keys

The keyboard began as a Das Model S Ultimate , chosen for its distinctive sound and suitability for our design. The first part of its conversion was to make the brass keys. The plastic keys were popped off the Das , then snipped down with tin snips so that just the stem remained.

Next we cut brass tubing down to size with a chopsaw , while sanding a rim on the end after every cut. The rim was added so that the keys closer resembled that of a typewriter, and to get rid of the saw marks the chopsaw left.

Oak doweling was then cut to length, and the bottom drilled so that the key stems could be slotted into the dowels and glued in place. The doweling was adhered into the brass tubing, filling the hole.

The lettering was designed on the computer, printed off, and then punched out with a hole punch . Protective plastic end caps were also punched out. Both were then inserted to give a completed key.
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