Step 3: Mounting the Bucket

Hold the bucket and wire snugly against bike rack or handle bars, or where ever you prefer to mount your bucket and bend the wires down around the rack. 


Optional. Decorate bucket with stickers or spray paint.  We recommend covering spray paint artwork with a clear sticker and only doing a thin coat, otherwise the whole thing will peal off. 

Check out BiciConeX.com to get our reflective sticker, or the whole package if you like our design, but don't want to make it your self! 

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You didnt happen to see my rim rack with the bucket panniers. Either way, you developed I really nice mounting system!
Thanks! Wow I just looked at your rim rack. That looks awesome. I would love to build one of those sometime.
Thanks for the compliment! When you do make one, be sure to post a photo of it on the 'ible

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