Planter buckets have been done many times, in many forms. This version might be a duplicate of another, but I haven't seen it. The theory is the same as a Earth Box planter, just the technique is a little different. I think this one is fairly straight forward and reusable.

Step 1: Material and Tool List

I don't have many pictures of the materials, but it's fairly straight forward. Almost everything can be cut with a utility knife with a sharp blade. You can even make a drainage hole with the same knife, but I recommend a drill for that.

Material List:
  1.  5 gal. plastic buckets. ( I used 5)
  2.  4”X10’ perforated plastic drainage pipe. (About $4.00 at HD)
  3.  1 ½”x10’ PVC pipe. ($7.00)
  4.  ½” mesh plastic hardware cloth. ($12.00 at the garden center)
  5.  Zip ties
  6.  4 40lb bags of soil. ( There will be soil left over.). Duct tape
  7.  Re-use the bags from the soil for covers.
  8.  Water
  9.  Organic fertilizer.

Tool List:
  1. Utility knife
  2. Some kind of saw ( Optional)
  3. Drill
  4. ½” Drill bit
Well done! Very informative and well written as an instructable

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