Bucket With Bottle Opener Attached





Introduction: Bucket With Bottle Opener Attached

Attach a bottle opener to a beer bucket. Simple little hack.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Beer bucket

2. Bottle opener

3. Two nuts and two bolts/screws

4. Metal stock to beef up the thin bucket

5. Drill, drill bit, screw bit and pliers

Step 2: Mark, Drill, and Install the Opener With Backup Plate

1. Cut a metal stock for the backup plate. I cut a handle off a fork. Right size for the job.

2. Measure the drill holes using the bottle opener for a temple.

3. Drill the two holes on the backup plate.

4. Mark the bucket using the opener as a template like you did for the backup plate and drill the bucket.

5. Place the bottle opener over the holes and insert the bolt in the top hole of the opener and then through the back up plate. Screw the nut to the bolt/screw. Repeat for the lower hole and tighten the nuts and screws.

6. Fill with your favorite beverage,ice and party on.



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very useful bucket, thanks for sharing!:)

Hi fraser02, Thank you, comes in handy having the bottle opener attached to bucket.

Hi momoluv, Thank you for your comment. It is an easy hack.

Very resourceful! Good job