Picture of Buckskin Work Gloves!
Hello everyone!  This is my instructable on how to make yourself a brand new set of working gloves for around the house, garden, or farm.  I had some extra buckskin to work with so I used that.  Buckskin can be hard to find (not hard to make though!) so obviously this whole process could be done with leather from the store or any other fabric material you have laying around. 

I'm not much of a sewer/stitcher so this was a bit of a journey for me.  I would like to give a big shout out to Icetirgris for her instructable  http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Gloves/  it really helped me get some ideas on how to start.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Materials Needed:
Buckskin Material or something similar
Duct Tape
rubber surgical gloves
Heavy Thread

Tools Needed:
Speed Stitcher or sewing machine
piece of wood or something else you can poke.... in this case I used an old cook book.

Step 2: How to use the Speed Stitcher

Picture of How to use the Speed Stitcher
The speed stitcher!  So to save time, I have included a picture of the included speed stitcher instructions.  I don't have a vice handy so what did is I laid the two pieces of material flat on a piece of board (or an old cook book in this case) and then I simply punched the speed stitcher through the layers into the book. 

Step 3: Getting the pattern to match your hand.

Picture of Getting the pattern to match your hand.
Palm Hand Layout.bmp
Back hand layout.bmp
Ok so I won't take credit for this idea, there is another wonderful instructable that describes using this method for creating a very form fitting glove.  But the basic process is, with a rubber medical glove on, duct tape your entire hand!  Make sure to get in between the figures.  Once this is done, with a marker or pen, draw out where you want your materials pieces to be joined.   If you follow the pattern I have shown below it is called the 'Gunn Style'  glove.  If you look at any kind of work glove it has this style... not sure why.  

Step 4: Cut the pattern off your hand!

Picture of Cut the pattern off your hand!
Self explainatory!  Be safe when cutting!
morfmir2 years ago
This is great. So simple but very effective. The way of marking the right size with tape can be used for many things. I'm working on a leather armor, and want to have a perfect fit. I will try to us the same way you do it here.
Thanks for sharing the idea.
ootsae2 years ago
Loved the instructable, wish I had your talent.