I have been in college for the last 3 Halloweens and I've seen a lot of great costumes.  From the guy wearing nothing but a black box around his waist saying censored, to the army man painted green head-to-toe, and periodically going down on one knee with his bazooka.  It's all about going all-out being really original and a little ridiculous.  Now here and there you may see a Bud Light Cowboy, but I'll bet you've never seen a Bud Light Knight...Complete with beer-tab armor!!

This costume will not require much experience or skill with tools.  The hardest it gets is sawing (and you may not even need to do that).  It will require a pretty good investment of time.  It will take a few hours at least.  The vast majority of time is spent on the chain mail shirt.  There is a really great Instructable that will walk you through the basics of making this chain mail.   The good part is most of the work can be done while watching TV (I recommend football!) or listening to music, so the time passes pretty quick.  And at the end of the project you will not only have a great Halloween costume, but a pretty good looking piece of armor that YOU made!

Step 1: What You Will Need

 Duct tape
 Packing/Clear tape
 Solid joint cutter
 Adjustable wrench
 X-Acto Knife
 Strait -edge/ruler
 Blue pants (jeans might work, but I think sweatpants are better)
 1/4" x 1 1/2" wood, about 4 1/2 feet
 Glue (wood glue, super glue, etc. all will work)
 Wood saw (a jig saw would work too)
 Lots and lots of pop Tabs (about 3500 or 2.5lbs)
 Bud Light Case 6-Pack (Bottles)
 Bud Light Case 24-Pack (Cans)
 Bud Light Case 18-Pack (Cans)

If u want to know how to make chain mail check out my page
I am going to do this but with COKACOLA products
Hey Thanks for the great costume! thought I'd share my result. had to make the helmet out of one piece since Lionshead doesn't come in six packs, but i stayed pretty true to form. altogether it took two 18 pack boxes and a lot of tape :)
I made it to the top of google for "Bud Light Knight" Awesome!
how many tabs did you use to make the maille vest?
I started with about 5000 and used the majority, I'd say 4500ish....this took a LONG time
I bet it did. I plan on making my own hauberk, so knowing that you used nearly 5000 is very helpful thanks!
No problem. Though the sleeves (around the armpits especially will be difficult). this stuff works good when its flat, but it won't bend like a shirt.
The picture in step 8 has 221 and that's less than a square foot
he he duff man vs budlight knight
Now, If I can only find&nbsp;my Phallus of malice. I'm sure it's out in the shed somewhere. It's a hard pole-like sahft with a softer outer covering that has real hard hitting power but feels gentle when whacked with it.<br /> <br /> DUEL!!!!!
DUDE that chain vest is awesome!!!!
I made a Bud Light Armor as well. Check mine out :)<br /> <a href="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg301/olmark/TRF%20Hiland%2009%20sat/2009HighlandFling145.jpg" rel="nofollow">i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg301/olmark/TRF%20Hiland%2009%20sat/2009HighlandFling145.jpg</a><br />
That's what's up! Wow man, good work!<br />
&nbsp;Wow dude, that looks pretty legit. &nbsp;I met a Keystone warrior at a&nbsp;Halloween&nbsp;party that had pretty similar shoulder armor.....I should have fought him, haha.
Haha! that's funny! Nice!
&nbsp;Hey everyone if you liked my instructable please vote for it in the Halloween Contest at the top of the page. &nbsp;THANKS!!!!!
hahaha nice<br /> <br />
Though I don't support the drinking of alcohol, THAT&nbsp;IS&nbsp;AWESOME!&nbsp;The helmet is my favorite, because of how simple and easily modifiable it is!<br />
COOL&nbsp;BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I'm glad to see my instructable for pop tab chainmaille in action. &nbsp;Well done sir 5*. very clear directions. I expecially like the way you used the cardboard as a pattern for the shirt.
Let me know what you guys think!!<br />
I'm not a fan of Bud, but that's pretty funny. Funny in an awesome way though. If you were going for the 100%&nbsp;completely serious Bud Light Knight, I'm sorry for laughing.<br />
Yeh i have to agree, Sam Adams and German beer blows BL away...But24-packs are hard to come by
Funny!&nbsp; I like it.&nbsp; I was thinking that perhaps the vambrace and sword were made from aluminum, like the large 24oz cans.&nbsp; I suppose if you had time you could cut pieces and rivet them together (don't cut yourself).<br /><br />The pop-tab maille is of course the most impressive piece of it.&nbsp; Nice work.<br />
&nbsp;If only beer came in 2-liters... then I might consider it.
Now that this thing is finally done you can clean up the mess you madein living room!<br />
This is the COOLEST thing I have EVER seen in my life!!!!!!!<br />Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!<br />I&nbsp;would sell my soul for this costume!!!!!!<br />

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