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In the 2003 movie, Elf, Buddy the elf makes his own breakfast with a load of sugar. I do not recommend this recipe to diabetics, anyone with allergies, or anyone else that has problems with this food.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

As you could see in this Youtube video (at 6:44),
, you will find the ingredients: spaghetti, sugared maple syrup, sprinkles, mini-marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate syrup, M&M's, and Frosted Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts.
We will only be sticking with 2 of the 4 main elf food groups: candy, and syrup.

Step 2: Cook the Spaghetti

Check the pasta box directions and follow them. I'm not really a cook, so i don't have the directions. When you get done, DON'T ADD SAUCE! I had spaghetti with sauce and syrup for dinner and it tasted bad! it was cold spaghetti too, so make sure your's is warm, or to be safe, hot.

Step 3: Syrup

Picture of Syrup

When you are done with the spaghetti, put some on a plate or bowl, or a hat, I don't care. I would not suggest the hat though. Pour some Maple Syrup onto the spaghetti. I wouldn't suggest a lot, but not to little either. I prefer Mrs. Butterworth's syrup the most.

Step 4: Sprinkles and Marshmallows

Now just get some sprinkles and mini marshmallows. Dump a ton of sprinkles on top first, and then take about one or two handfuls of marshmallows and put them on top.

Step 5: Chocolate Syrup and M&M's

This is my second favorite part. Take the Hershey's syrup and pour a lot on top of the mallows. I like a ton of it. Now take about 3 hand fulls of M&M;'s and drop them on top of the syrup.

Step 6: Pop-tarts

Picture of Pop-tarts

Get out 2 Frosted Chocolate Fudge Pop-tarts from the box. I don't mean twp packages, just one package. Two tarts. Do not microwave the tarts. It is best when cold or room temperature. Crumble up the Pop-tarts into bite-size pieces and drop them on top of the stuff. Now just mix it all around.

Step 7: Eat!

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure that it is good! Feel free to comment. Enjoy!

P.S. The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!
P.P.S. I obviously do not hold copyright to anything I have mentioned.

Special thanks to: -Elf
-Mrs. Butterworth's
-Wikipedia lists
- drcoxrox18


PublicationOne made it! (author)2015-04-11

was pretty good, but if you put too much chocolate syrup it ruins it

DMFoodster made it! (author)2014-12-04

I made it. The full recipe is on my site!

Monkeydizzy212 (author)2014-07-02


9b4z1l (author)2013-05-18

I love that movie

9b4z1l (author)2013-05-18

This sounds good

Yerboogieman (author)2010-02-05

Yes, but in the movie, Buddy used real maple syrup, not Mrs. Butterworths. so Ha!

GEESE GIRL (author)Yerboogieman2011-04-25


GEESE GIRL (author)2011-04-25

SOUNDS FUN I WILL TRY IT LATER.............................. ;-)............WINK.............. ...........;-).................WINK

ATG (author)2010-06-22

yep....tastes great!!!!......

boblordofmonkeys (author)2009-10-03

i love that movie i would make this but in just one poptart there is 400 calories so............... uh... ya.

iSmack (author)2009-03-01

lol cool xD. I forgot how to make his breakfast so this helped :P. Oh, and, all of explosivemakers comments have been removed ( tee-hee ). Just thought i would point that out! :P 4/5

JayV (author)2008-12-31

Sorry, but no it doesn't. As I have already posted, I would have taken pictures and made the food, but I did not have the ingredients. With all due respect, you should fully read the reply before posting a comment against a fact that has already been explained. P.S. I would like others to leave a positive comment or not one at all.

volquete (author)2008-12-31

hmmmm....sounds gross but i'll try it. ill post the results :D

JayV (author)2008-12-31

Pictures aren't everything. Sure they can help, but this is pretty self-explanatory.

mg0930mg (author)JayV2008-12-31

However pictures are everything. Notice you just took some pictures off the Internet. Why not take the extra 10 minutes and get the other ones. Just a suggestion. Also, I'm sure this is gross. Doesn't sound very appetizing.

JayV (author)mg0930mg2008-12-31

Actually I took about 30 minutes looking for good pictures. I would have taken my own pictures if I had the stuff to make the food. How could this not be appetizing?

mg0930mg (author)JayV2008-12-31

I wouldn't like it.Spagetti belongs with meatballs and sauce, not syrup. Maybe I'll take pictures if I make it and you can put me as a collab, and I'll post the pictures. HAHA.

dung0beetle (author)2008-12-28

Wow, pirated youtube content...awesome! I would have linked to the movie site. They usually have trailers that are legal to download.

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