I set out to make a compact workstation that I can use for my many small projects. These projects are mostly with small electronics but sometimes branch out to various things that I needed something I can work on top of and not be afraid to ruin. When this top is done I simply unscrew 6 screws and replace it. But I don't see that happening. So I drew up a basic workstation in Google Sketchup and then made a revision that included supports around the bottom rim of the MDF. The dimensions in the drawing are only estimates as the exact size of your material will vary.

There are many more things I could have added to this project but my goal was two things:

  1. Cheap
  2. Small

With that in mind I was aiming for a budget of around $20 but I didn't have any fasteners so that cost me about $7 right there. Altogether this project was sourced at Home Depot for $31.16. Please keep in mind that I have almost no carpentry experience and did this with a 40 year old circular saw, some basic hand tools, saw horses and and a Makita drill/Impact set. So I feel this project is well within the grasp of the novice, and of course, expert alike.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • 3/4" Thick 2' x 4' MDF
  • 2" x 3" x 96" Premium Whitewood Stud (x4)
  • Box of 2 1/2" Construction Screws
  • Box of 3 1/2" Construction Screws


  • Circular Saw or Table saw, etc... Whatever works best for you
  • Standard Drill and an Impact Drill too. The latter being highly helpful in setting the long screws.
  • Clamps to hold work in place
  • Level
  • Drill bit 9/64"~24
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