>This is my first tutorial-ish type thing so cut me a little slack. I'm sorry for lack of pictures, once I get into something I forget to take them.
>Anyway my inspiration for this one was my girlfriend. I wanted to give her something when I saw her this weekend, but I wanted it to be special and have some kind meaning behind it, Not just some random piece of jewelry from the store.
>The tools needed: Dremal (optional), file, hammer, ring mandrel, 100, 400, 1000, 2000 grit sandpaper, car wax/polish.

Step 1: Drilling the Hole

>There's kind of a science to this but it's not to hard once you get it down.
>First your gonna want to drill a hole in your nickel (quarters work too if you want a wider ring, I would only use quarters from before 1965 because they are silver and will look much better) about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter. The bigger the hole this less you have to do in the next step.
<p>I didn't have any Buffalo nickels laying around, so I just used what I had. To make the initial hole I used a punch set that I had bought specifically to try a different coin ring instructable (the ring with &quot;In God We Trust&quot; visible on the outside of the band in the last picture).</p><p>I really liked how these turned out, I like that the band is now actually wider than the width of a normal nickel.</p>
you did a very nice job I was a bit disturbed about a nice detailed bufalo nickle got sacrificed but use what you have, you still made a very nice ring! GOOD JOB!
Oh yes, I did research on buffalo nickles and found out that they are not silver at all! They are 75% copper and 25% nickel! Yeah my mouth dropped too. Just because I wanted to end a spatt with my boyfriend over are the buffalo nickel silver or not.
well.. that's depressing.. always thought the Buffalo Nickels were silver for some reason! :O<br>kinda a jaw dropper.
Thats funny, because me and my friend just became boyfriend and girlfriend!
Are you still dating her!?
Haha yes I am! <br>Almost 8 months and just as or more happy than we were when we started! :)
And is this even legal?
I see what you mean by making a homemade one
We did this with 1964 quarters back in 1965 in metal shop. <br>A quarter makes for ah nice wide ring.
Nice! Now quit biting your fingernails!
Fantastic project but as I live in Ireland I'll have to go to a used coin dealer I know to get USA coinage.......but there again there is a joke here in Ireland.......&quot; Weddings and Engagements are being done away with next year.......you simply find a Woman that you cannot stand to be with and give her your house &quot; . . . . . . . . . . (Only kidding Ladies LOL !)
If you need sixpence or three pence should be the equivalent considering its only nickel. If you wanted silver you could use your 1941 shilling. It'd be a bit wider but same concept.<br><br>Haha I like that. Very funny! xD
wow wasted a piece of history but a good ideal
I did think about that. It had a historical value. but now to me, it has more of a personal value and she loves it, so that's all that matters in the end really.
A very good instructable. It is simple and concise.
Thank you!
I used to do this while at sea (on a submarine). Just don't be in unfriendly waters or the enemy will hear this. Take a quarter and drill out the hole as you described. However, now take a spoon and begin pounding the edge of the quarter all around until it gets just the right amount of curve desired. This makes for a nice wedding ring and professional in appearance. <br>
I did that on my first ring I ever made, it turns out quite nicely. It is much more some consuming though.
Why a Buffalo nickel and not a Jefferson? Also you might keep an eye on your girlfriends finger. Many people are allergic to nickel being in constant contact with their skin. I discovered this because of the nickel content in a watch band that made me breakout like I had poison ivy. Mid-forties nickels don't have any nickel in them, so that might be a solution to that problem.
Idk to me it just seems to have more of a value, I'm a collector of coins so considering I took this out of my collection to put on her finger gives it more of a personal value to me.<br><br>Thank you, I'll make sure keep an eye.
how cute! your girlfriend should be VERY impressed!

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