Step 3: Filter Solution

In this step, filter the solution.

WARNING: You will be using Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). DO NOT drink / eat / get in eyes and USE GLOVES AND GOGGLES. This stuff will turn the oils in your hands into soap, drying them out severely and possibly causing burns. In addition, when dissolving dry powder in water, it WILL heat up. Lastly, when reacting with aluminum, it will cause the water to heat up and may generate steam. Use good judgement.
  1. Once the solution is mostly gray / doesn't bubble, filter it into a bigger container through cheese cloth (this separates the polishing powder from the metal bits).
  2. Add water through the top to wash any remaining polishing powder through.
  3. Wait for the powder to settle.
  4. Dump the top lye-water out, leave the bottom intact.
  5. Refill the container with regular water.
  6. Wait for the powder to settle.
  7. Dump the top water out, leave the bottom (and so forth, 1-2 times, to reduce the lye concentration).
remember <br>mixing lye and aluminum creates heat AND Hydrogen Gas, which mixed with Oxygen (air) in a wide mix ratio is EXPLOSIVE! <br> <br>Do NOT do this with ANY open flame or spark around <br> <br>and not only goggles and gloves, but a complete suit of material covering you head to foot, that is quick to get on and off is advisable for when the caustic lye gets on youl

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