Step 4: Polishing

Using the step "3" side, start to polish the back of the iPod. You can put a little more elbow grease into this step, as this side (and the "4" side, also) aren't abrasive enough to take off the logo and etching.
<p>WOW!! I would have never thought of this found an ipod classic 160gb in a pawn-shop for 30 bucks in perfect condition except the back looked horrible ! followed your advice and it now looks GREAT !! THANKS !!......now i might list it on Amazon lol !</p>
<p>I am an art student, also. Thank you for posting this- if this is sometime in the future, I hope everything is going well with your art and that you have not had many frowny faces!</p>
nice thinking. thank you! just got the winning bid for an ipod touch on ebay but the rear was really used looking. def going to be doing this once i get it.
<p>You posted this a year ago, slyman, so how did it go please?</p>
I love your idea!!! You are a Genius!
Very Nice instructable :] Good job! i've been looking around how to polish my ipod up a bit.<br><br>(p.s. You're very pretty ^_~)
Great idea, this would likely work on anything similar as well.

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