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Introduction: Bug #1

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This is a test of a bug.



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    I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Is this an Instructable or are you testing our editor? If it is a real Instructable, it would be awesome if you could add in more text talking about what you are showing us and also add a descriptive title.

    Let me know!

    Community Support Manager

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    Hi Penolopy,
    I've done a bug report about a problem embedding video, and this instructable is just a test I did to create a report that bug. The images are from the real instructable, which you can find here:


    When whoever looks at bug reports is done looking at the Bug #1 project, I'd be fine with it being deleted.

    Hi there,

    I work for Instructables in the bug department. Can you please elaborate on what you are testing, and where you are having trouble? Please reply to this message so I can see your response.

    You can find the full explanation in my bug report:


    Let me know if you need any more information.