Introduction: Bug Fishing Lure

In this 'ible I will show you how to make a great working fishing lure in the guise of a bug, that attracts a 10 to 20 pound fish, on average... It's very well worth the time to make it and you'll definitely reel in the big one!
 UPDATE: Superglue won't last a minute underwater! (I discovered this the hard way) Use Gorilla Glue instead!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

All you need is:
 A cork
 A fishhook
 A paint set with brush
 Two rubber bands
 And two wiggle eyes. 
 Xacto knife.
 UPDATE: Superglue won't last a minute underwater! (I discovered this the hard way) Use Gorilla Glue instead!

Step 2: Cut the Cork

Using an Xacto knife, cut the cork in half crosswise, as pictured.

Step 3: Carve the Cork

Remove any rubber coating that you may have on the cork, and file down one end so that it gets tapered.

Step 4: Slit the Cork

use the Xacto knife to make a slot about halfway down the cork, and gorilla glue the hook into it, with the hooked end at the back, as shown:

Step 5: Paint the Cork

Take your paint set and paint the whole bug (minus the hook) any color you think the fish will like. I decided on orange, and I put some silver spots on it as well. Oil paints last longer, but it also takes forever to dry. I used acrylic paints.

Step 6: Add Eyes

Gorilla glue the wiggle eyes to the cork (bug), one on either side of the head, toward the line.

Step 7: Add Legs

Take a screw or nail and poke two holes on each side of the body, near the bottom, and then stuff a one inch long piece of rubber band for the legs, and gorilla glue them.

Step 8: The Feather

Poke a hole into the back of the cork (bug), just above the hook. put the stalk of a small feather into the hole, and gorilla glue it. This makes the lure weedless, and helps attract yummy fishies!

Step 9: Finished! Now Go Hook Some Fish

You're all set! Be sure to let the glue and paint dry thoroughly before you fish! Have fun and good luck!


freeza36 (author)2015-01-02

I have been meaning to make a popper like this for a long time. All of mine that I've bought end up in trees

daddio-1 (author)2011-02-10

This isn't lengthwise. Maybe say, "Cut the cork in half, as pictured." to make it easier to understand.

Win Guy (author)daddio-12011-04-01

Whoopsie! Good catch, there. I'll fix that, Thanks.

deqwer (author)2011-01-15

do you catch any fish with this?

Win Guy (author)deqwer2011-01-30

With the proper tools, some patience (And a bit of shrimp oil) You should have a whole boatload!

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