Picture of Bug Out Bag
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Step 1: Knife

Picture of Knife
Knives have multiple uses. Anywhere from cutting things to stabbing things. A knife will make everything easier.

Step 2: Water

Picture of Water
It's pretty self explanatory. You can only live 3 days without it. Bring some bottles and maybe a filter as well.

Step 3: Food

Picture of Food
Same as water you can't live without it. You can live up to 3 weeks without food but after a few days you'll start to go insane and lose your concentration.

Step 4: Fire

Picture of Fire
Whether for warmth or cooking fire can keep you alive. Bring water proof matches and other necessities for starting fires

Step 5: Bow And Arrows

Picture of Bow And Arrows
Bows will be great for killing animals for food. They can also be used as a source of protection. One arrow can last for years

Step 6: Paracord

Picture of Paracord
Para cord can be used for just about everything. make a hammock or make a trap.

Step 7: First Aid

Picture of First Aid
Even tiny cuts can kill you from infection. Clean them up and avoid your death or sickness

Step 8: Light

Picture of Light
Having a light can help you a lot. You may be walking in the night and fall off a cliff. I suggest having a light to avoid that

Step 9: Radio

Picture of Radio
Have some form of communication between you and others. Preferably hand cranked or solar.

Step 10: Tarp

Picture of Tarp
You can use tarps to catch rainwater and shelters
stevenjacks1 month ago

This is a fantastic instructable. It is absolutely ideal for use as a jumping off point or intro to building a BOB. Anyone who wants to learn about them or start making one should start here and use this as the core of their project. Beyond these essentials, bags get very different very quickly depending on the builder's unique circumstances, but there's no BOB or survival kit in the world that shouldn't have everything on this list.

jwgottabass made it!9 months ago

This is great, it is simple and concise. I felt there was a need for another that was a little more comprehensive. Check it out and tell me what you think.

First Instructable.jpg
NeightR1 year ago
Thanks! I like the simplicity of this. The idea is presented without listing a bunch of specific items that may or may not be useful, available etc. to an individual.
Screwits (author) 1 year ago
By the way thanks for the views may not be a lot for some people but for me it is
Screwits (author) 1 year ago
Only gun I suggest using would be a flintlock gun just melt down metal get some gun powder and shoot

Seems like prepping is catching on now I don't feels like a complete weirdo
I agree I have been prepping with a friend for a year now and now every one is doing it.
I packed a bag over 5 years ago..... alone
Screwits (author) 1 year ago
No guns one bullet is one shot one arrow is 1 year of shots if taken care of properly.only if absolutely needed would I use a gun. I find bows easier to use
You failed to explain the gun in your first pic.