Bugaboo Pram - Front Wheel Repair





Introduction: Bugaboo Pram - Front Wheel Repair

Bugaboo prams are fantastically hard wearing but when they do break OEM parts are expensive, and very hard to find.

As you can see this is a fix for a broken axel. The total cost of the repair was about £2.

All the components I've used are M6 - mainly because I had them in my tool box.

2 x bearings (608ZZ 8mm x 22mm X 7mm)
1 x M6 threaded rod
4 x M6 washers
2 x M6 penny washers
2 x M6 A2 domed nuts

The repaired wheel is now back on the pram - I'll report back after the road testing.



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Wow! Thats was very helpful! Bugaboo front wheels fixed. Thank you Matt Byrne.

Hi,good job. How did you dismantle the axel? mine is blocked! many thanks.

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I had a lot of problems removing the axel, lot of corrosion there, I bent the plastic till the axel went out, luckily is quite flexible. I was even considering to use a saw to cut it, but this time brute force worked for me.

The axel is held in place by the two end caps, if you prise one of these off (with a flat bladed screwdriver) you can pull everything apart.

When I removed the cap it did get quite mangled, so don't bank on reusing it. ;)

I got the same Problem as jamonjamon has. I dismantled the cap on one side but cannot pull the axle out of the wheel. Used a Lot of anti corrosion spray now. But the same Problem.

Are there any bearings that fit better or precise? Or should I use another, bigger rod?

Hi, how did this repair work out? The threaded rod is smaller than the bearings. Is this a problem?

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Hi Arlestron,

The wheel is still going strong.

With hindsight I should have got a bearing that fitted the threaded rod more snugly, but really, it hasn't made a noticeable difference.