Step 6: What's It Doing.

While working on this project I was given an old fire alarm panel. This panel had a Hitachi LCD display. This display, as I found is one of the most popular types available. So using one of the many examples on-line, I connected it to the Arduino. I use the LCD display to show me what the software is up to, Ie. on-line, power control, forward, backward, etc. I accomplished this using a simple LCD print command at each instruction. I also printed each "direction" to serial output as well.
<p>I can't quite read the schematic - what format is this in? I tried Eagle but it said the file format was unrecognized (most current version).</p><p>So I guess the key here is that you're taking the PWM output and feeding through an NPN transistor into the joystick, as if it was actually the joystick control itself? (I gather they are using it like a simple 5V pot).</p><p>Thanks, very inspiring,</p><p>== John ==</p>
This is really inspiring! My wife is currently in an electric wheelchair and I've joked about turning it into the family robot when she recovers and can walk again.
Here is a link to a brief video: <br>http://prostrategiesinc.com/judo/robotdemo2001.mov

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