This is a gun I created and it is realy is hard to make. These are some pics of it and i might show how to make it.
how to make?<br>
break action guns don't have magazines.
Your gun looks great!
I just CAN'T RESIST of posting pictures of my just-finished break action pistol. But yours has an much different barrel style than mine. Pretty good though. 4 stars.
Doesn't the bullet fall out of the barrel?
Where is the breach? By the way, it is called breach loaded.
actually i believe in pic 6 is where the breach is. Then in pic 7 where the white rod is in the middle of the red triangle connector. I find it to be quite cool of a design.
thats not breech loading, thats break-action
its kind of both because it does break but it is in the back of the gun
that is break-action on a real gun
nope break open
that's the same as break action
post it post it
Thanks for listening!
That's not breech loading, thats true-break action...............its worth a post though
Looks like an all around great gun!, post it!

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