Picture of The REAL Pumpkin King!
This is the REAL Pumpkin King, not that skeleton impostor, Jack Skellington. His head was originally made from Papier Mache covered with aluminum foil tape, but it did not survive storage. The new head is made of 2-inch insulation foam board. His body is fabric, and the leaves and vines are plastic, fabric, and burlap. His fingers are swimming pool noodle foam. His eyes flicker as if there was a flame inside the head.
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Step 1: Forming the Pumpkin Head

Picture of Forming the Pumpkin Head
The original pumpkin head for this costume was made out of Papier Mache. I used a trash bag filled with crumpled newspaper, and a large inflatable "Yoga Ball". I tied rope around the bag to form the sections of the pumpkin, then laminated strips of newspaper over the bag. The paste was a mixture of flour, water, and white glue. I let each layer dry, by hanging the head in front of a fan, before adding another layer. I built up 8 layers of paper.

After the final layer was dry, I covered the entire head with strips of aluminum foil tape, then rubbed it to smooth the tape. I primered it with Rustoleum automotive primer. I then coated it with several layers of white acrylic Gesso.

Step 2: Facial features

Picture of Facial features
I cut the eye-and-mouth holes with a Dremel tool. To make eye ridges and teeth, I cut pieces of foam from a swimming pool noodle and spray-glued them onto the head. I covered the foam with aluminum foil tape, gessoed it, then painted the entire head with Rustoleum Effects Satin Fire Orange.

Step 3: Finishing the head

Picture of Finishing the head
I used an airbrush to detail the head, using brown primer, black, and green paint. I installed a hard hat using a piece of foam packaging from a computer. The eye lenses are pieces of plastic milk jug.
pokiespout1 year ago
I love this, great work man!  Soon i will borrow some of your ideas for those sweet root-boots for the next time i bust out my Great Pumpkin costume...
Rodney77991 year ago
One of the scariest Halloween costumes I have seen. Very cool.