So I got ahold of a late 80's model GT performer frame, I finally decided to build it up. I used some older parts that I had and ordered up some newer GT parts. The mounting for the old school brakes was left bare due to the newer style rims. So after thinking for a while I thought I could build and mount a slick custom kickstand. Granted, this will not work for everyone but I'm sure you could modify the design to fit other bike designs. For this design I decided to make a Bone mold and melt scrap aluminum into it. This is potentially dangerous so take every precaution and use proper safety!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Parts: scrap aluminum (to melt in the mold), 3/8" aluminum for the bracket, round stock steel for mold support, 5/16" bolts for mounting and stops, 3/8" bolt for main kickstand, scrap wood for mold body, joint compound, misc. washers and springs. * I used 2 ball bearings,a magnet and 1" steel rod to make the bone model *. Tools: belt sander, grinder, drill press, torch and wrenches.

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Bio: I enjoy building things and being creative.
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