Picture of Build A Fusion Reactor
Yes, you can build your very own nuclear fusion reactor in your house! But first, a few warnings:

-This project includes lethal voltage levels. Make sure you know your high voltage safety or have a qualified electrical advisor.
-Potentially hazardous levels of x-rays will be produced. Lead shielding of viewports is a must!
-Deuterium, an explosive gas, will be used. Make sure to check for fuel leaks.
-All the other inherent dangers of a home engineering project of this degree (a wide gamut of potential injuries, damage to the checking account, and the loss of general sanity)

Here are the minimum required materials:

-A vacuum chamber, preferably in a spherical shape
-A roughing vacuum pump capable of reaching at least 75 microns vacuum
-A secondary high vacuum pump, either a turbo pump or oil diffusion pump
-A high voltage supply, preferably capable of at least 40kv 10ma - Must be negative polarity
-A high voltage divider probe for use with a digital multimeter
-A thermocouple or baratron (of appropriate scale) vacuum gauge
-A neutron radiation detector, either a proportional He-3 or BF3 tube with counting instrumentation, or a bubble dosimeter
-A Geiger counter, preferably a scintillator type, for x-ray detection and safety
-Deuterium gas (can be purchased as a gas or extracted from D2O through electrolysis - it is much easier and more effective to use compressed gas)
-A large ballast resistor in the range of 50-100k and at least a foot long
-A camera and TV display for viewing the inside of the reactor
-Lead to shield the camera viewport
-General engineering tools, a machine shop if at all possible (although 90% of mine was built with nothing but a dremel and cordless drill, the only thing you really can't build without a shop is scratch building the vacuum chamber)
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And if ur willing to sell the chamber
And if ur willing to sell the chamber
Hello I was wondering if u have any plans for a Polywell fusor since I dont think there are many out there and looks cheaper since electricity isn't wasted on heat since this is pretty much a big light bulb
cobra6romeo2 years ago
Amazing! When are you planning to build your table top Tokamac?
Just build a coil gun that's vacuum tight and is in a donut

What are the products and byproducts of this machine?

And for what things can we use this, where an we practically use this?

Plz reply

Alpha beta rays neutrons radiation and a pretty light show
12010041 year ago

wouldn't you want to get some energy out of it by heating up water and running steam through a turbine

Would make more since heating up the water from the electricity
I have already built this demo fusor:

Can I just hook up a deuterium leaking system and a neutron detector and have it work? Or will I need something more?
Yes and u can put pure silver on an glass access port and that silver will emit radiation

how much tritium does it produce? and can you please tell me how much neutrons are emitted?

No tritium people seem to think it produces more fuel but it creates 1 nuetron for every reaction
kodama1 year ago
Still in the early stages of researching this. Can they be modified to harness generated power?
JakeV kodama10 months ago

Getting physical breakeven is something physicists have been working on for many decades -- they still have to pump in more electrical energy than they can extract out of it, even in the most sophisticated reactors.

NiTaLuH8 months ago

so, I'm gonna try building this as a base for Nuclear Reactor experiments... I have a couple of questions.

1. How much does a good Vacuum Chamber go for?

2. Where can I find a High Voltage Power supply, and how much will it cost?

3. what's the approximate ratio for energy going in to energy coming out... in other words, how inefficient is this reactor?

3 super inefficient not close to breaking even

I want to know at what pressure in the chamber is needed before and after filling deuterium for fusion.

and how much tritium this device produces.

Plzz reply fast

Produces helium 3 then a neutron is shot of then a stable helium 2
NiTaLuH8 months ago

I was looking for spherical vacuum chambers and I couldn't find any to fit the purpose... does it need to be spherical?

See 5 minute fusor on youtube
jbonner2 NiTaLuH5 months ago
It doesn't need to be spherical. It doesn't even have to be big. A glass tube or even a wine bottle will do fine.

but the DD fusion have two posible out come,3He+n or T+p anyway to detect netron, also the DT fusion is easier to triggle, so any posiblity to get Trituriume?

Tritium is illegal cuase its radioactive which makes it better
What was the total cost of building this?
These things cost a couple thousand

Would There Be A Chance Of It Working, If It Was Built On A Bigger Scale, And Would It Be Able To Power A Ship That Has A Maximum Speed Of 5000 MPH.

It works, it creates fusion, but it does not output more power than it draws. Its use is more likely to be found as a neutron radiation source. Scientists with much bigger, much more sophisticated equipment have yet to run a fusion experiment in a lab that produces more power than the electricity put into it. So far the sun is the only fusion reactor we can get significant amounts of power from.

As to powering a ship capable of going 5000mph, in the water that's basically impossible so far, as you run into the problem of cavitation behind the boat. The technique for going faster has always been to make a boat that has a smaller water profile to make cavitation smaller, and the fastest they've ever gotten was around 320MPH. A more reasonable and usable boat likely has a physical speed limit of around 50MPH before cavitation presents a hard limit to the speed. The problem isn't getting MOAR POWER, it's mostly solving hydrodynamic problems.

SteveM10 JakeV6 months ago

i dont think the intended medium is water, but near space

less than 3 light years

jbonner2 SteveM105 months ago
Space is the only real practical application of tritium deuterium reactors. The reason is deceptively simple. That is because the raw materials require a ton of energy to make in a fission reactor. But a laser fusion drive spitting 30 one mm pellets of tritium fuel into a rocket bell could sustain a 1g acceleration for a year.. in sci-fi terms .. hyperdrive.

you don't need constant acceleration because it traveling through space has no resistance to slow you down

Well unless he wants to make warp drive than he would have to worry about relativistic mass as if you made a laser fusion reactor to its full potential you would be capable of very high speeds if you set it up the right way but the most effecient way to use the power of a laser fusion reactor would be to create what you could call a space wave behind the ship while the ship itself is contained in a bubble of regular space thus solving the problem of relativistic mass and at the same time solving the problem of time travel which is what would happen if you could go light speed without the problem of relativistic mass so basicly warp drive is most wffecient use of a laser fusion reactor
Warp drives is impossible the way u guys are saying when the ship moves in light speed or higher since terminal velocity will rip apart the vessel but in my mind if u create a big enough magnetic field u could move the space around not messing with light speed but moving a price of space and dropping it somewhere else

thought you might light to know: your information regarding scientists with better equipment is outdated. Granted, it's not a LOT of power, but it's a start, and what's more: Lockheed Martin is hoping to make fusion power viable in the next decade.

Cavitation has nothing to do with hull speed limits. Cavitation is cold water boiling and occurs when the water pressure on the back side of a propeller (benoulli effect) gets so low that the water boils. Hull speed in a displacement boat is limited to 1.4 time the square root of the water line length, in meters, and expressed in knots. Faster then that and the boat is planning, much faster the boat is flying. As water resistance is an exponential of speed, there is currently no material in existence that could withstand the pressure created on the hull at 5000 mph, and no portable power source capable of driving said hull.

it is not possible to make a ship go that fast due to the fact it would need to be 10618870.404976288 ft long and the earth is only has a 126720 foot circumfrance

JoshWolff71 year ago

I am really interested in this and would love to build it. Is it possible to hook this up with thorium instead of deuterium? How can I simplify this project? Is this fusion reactor hooked up to a capacitor or something of the like that it charges - how is the power harnessed?



christensent (author)  JoshWolff71 year ago

No thorium, can't really be simplified much, no capacitor, and no power harnessing

can we set it up to use ( I hope I spell it right ) helium ( my spelling sucks )?

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