Step 4: Assemble The Deuterium System

Picture of Assemble The Deuterium System
Deuterium gas is used as the fuel for this fusion reactor. You will need to purchase a tank of this gas (unless you wish to do electrolysis on heavy water, this process will not be documented here but nothing more than a small Hoffman Apparatus is required - higher purity gas can be gotten from a compressed tank).

Attach a high pressure regulator directly to the tank, add an extremely fine-metering needle valve after this (or a laser drilled orifice in the range of 5 microns), then attach this to the chamber. A ball valve can also be installed between the regulator and the needle valve since needle valves are not shutoff valves.

See the attached diagram now updated with the deuterium handling system.
M4n0v3y1 month ago

Holy Moses! Deuterium gas is not available in any corner of the world... don't you mind the kind of information are you providing here for anyone?

christensent (author)  M4n0v3y1 month ago

I don't understand... Deuterium is a gas that is not a controlled substance and is easy to acquire. Even in the United States where everyone is overly paranoid about safety and getting sued you can quite literally walk to your specialty gas supplier corner store and walk out with a bottle of Deuterium (actually, usually you'd have to come pick it up a week later because it won't be in local stock).

Why is it so easy to get? Because building a DIY fusion reactor is NOT DANGEROUS to your neighbors.

RaccoonI3 months ago

could you posibly use hydrogen

christensent (author)  RaccoonI3 months ago
Not if you care about producing neutrons, otherwise you can use any gas to make a "demo fusor" which still visually produces a star of plasma in the chamber.
Where is deuterium bought?
christensent (author)  M4industries4 years ago
I got mine from AirGas, there are several companies that can potentially provide it (if they are willing, often they are not)
i was looking at airgas and one of the required field was a company affiliation. i was wondering what i should put in.
christensent (author)  garagegenius3 years ago
It is hard to get deuterium. It takes some amount of luck unless you have a company to order through. It sounds like you got put on the "we don't want to sell to you because you're an individual" list. I'd suggest either going to a local AirGas specialty-gas location and try to order in person if you haven't already. Otherwise, try other companies.