Build a Jamaican Bar





Introduction: Build a Jamaican Bar

Okay So here's the story:

When I was unemployed a very nice lady asked me if I would do some painting for her. We began talking and during the conversation it came out that what she really wanted was a bar. She had always dreamed of having an actual bar. I needed work and would work cheap and she needed a bar and some other repairs. This is the project so far. The funny thing is I never painted a single thing.

This project gave me about 3 months worth of work to keep my wife and I afloat. I sent these pictures to the Leagues and they finally hired me.  Now I have the best job of my life.

"If you want to hear God laugh tell him about your plans." -Woody Allen



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Nice job. What is that yellow moulding/tray strip that goes around the counter top edge? I don't think I've seen that available in home centers. I bet you now they probably need some storage or shelves built into the bar. Custom built furniture is always great.

Sorry I didn't show the back of the bar. There are curved shelves in the back. The yellow molding is actually 1" strip molding that I curved and glued together. That is a drink splash area. They put down mats and mix the drinks there so if they spill they don't go all over the customers. Or if you are referring to the molding that holds the padded armrest on: that is plywood that I cut a bevel on and wood filled, sanded and primed then finished.

Thanks, I thought the drink splash area was lined with some sort of yellow vinyl flexible wide flat u-channel. It would be pretty neat to built the similar commercial drainage troughs to follow the curved shape.