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BaR2D2 is a radio-controlled, mobile bar that features a motorized beer elevator, motorized ice/mixer drawer, six-bottle shot dispenser, and sound activated neon lighting. The robot is driveable so you can take the party on the road! It was created in my garage using standard hand/power tools and readily available parts and materials.

The concept for BaR2D2 was born when a friend showed up to an event with a radio-controlled cooler. We joked about taking the idea to the next level and in the Spring of 2008, construction began.

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Just a quick note about me - I am a regular DIY'r and don't have any formal robotics, electronics, or mechanical training. I have picked up most of my skills from various hobbies and projects, as well as my father who is a skilled woodworker. If you have a basic knowledge of woodworking and working with low voltage power, then you can build a mobile bar! Enjoy!

Step 1: Creating the Framework

As far as tooling for this project, here is a pretty good idea of what you'll need:

Drill Press
Table Saw
Hand Drill
Wire Strippers
Soldering iron
Various Clamps
Dremel Tool
Utility Knife
Heat gun (hairdryer will work)
Air Compressor
Air Stapler/nailer
Socket Set
Belt Sander

First, purchase a sheet of 4ft x 8ft x 3/4 inch plywood. I used the flooring grade as it will be covered later.

Cut the sheet into 8 2ft x 2ft squares and mark their center points by drawing an X across the middle from the corners. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the middle of them.

Using a router table, measure out 9 inches from the edge of the cutting bit and bolt your wood square loosely to it. Turn the router on and plunge it slowly upwards until it goes through the wood. Lock the router in place and proceed to rotate the squares until you complete the circle. Repeat eight times. This will give you 18 inch circles. Why 18 inches? I am using an off-the-shelf plastic dome that is that size. Specifically, it is a clear dome from Aspects used for bird feeders. This was purchased from a bird store for $35. The shot dispenser we are using is available on ebay new for $30.

Three of the circles will be cut into rings. To cut out the centers, I made a quick jig as pictured to be able to rotate the circles against it. Two of the finished rings should be 1.75 inches thick and one will be 1 inch thick.

Take one of the circles and setup the router to create a groove about 3/4 through the thickness for the dome to sit in.
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bastion726 years ago
Excellent job. I was looking at all that wasted space in the beer turntable. Maybe have some beers laying behind the upright ones that can fall into place to replace the empty spot? I was thinking of a wall behind the rotating beers and the replacements on a chute at 45 degrees or so. Then a hole in the wall in the first empty spot that would let the beer fall into place.
jamiep (author)  bastion726 years ago
thanks. as for the extra room, at first, there was a steel container that held dry ice to help keep the beers cold. it did ok, but if I could put 3 more beers in there, it would hold an 18 pack. I had considered springs that would push the next beer into place after one left to fill the empty hole. jamie
i was in a retail supplies supply store (they sell shelving, pegboard hooks, etc.) and i saw the kind of thing that are in the beverage fridges near the checkouts at some stores, the little plate thing that continually pushes shelved items forward, its got a flat metal spring type thing in the back that pushes it forward. that seems like it might the right thing for the job. maybe v2's shelves will be plexi and have truckbed liner in some places, and not all over.
I also want to say that the vibrant blue lights that are in EVERYTHING (not just your awesome robot) are very bright and irritating, could v2 have a different color?
Bartboy6 years ago
You should find an efficient way to make them, patent it, and sell them. I estimate that you could sell them for up to three thousand dollars, and people would still buy them.
whoa!!! dude awspme

i read about this in popular science

didnt know waz on instructables!!!!!!
djsteils6 years ago
elevator too... The turntable is under plexi glass which is bar level and i want the elevator to bring it up to bar level.
jamiep (author)  djsteils6 years ago
for the limit switches to control the spin of the table and the elevator, you need to make sure these things happen: limit switch that is actuated by the elevator hitting its full down position. This allows the spin motor to energize. limit switch that is actuated by the "teeth" of the spin table. This will interupt power to the elevator unless the table is in a position for the elevator to go up without hitting a tooth. limit switch (reed switch) that is actuated by the beer bottle. This kills power to the spin table as soon as a beer hits it. when the beer goes up and the elevator goes back down, the next beer advances. A 3 way switch for loading, unloading, and off position. This reverses the table for loading, and then allows for forward motion of the table. In your application, another 3 way switch would probably be used to actuate the beers instead of a remote control. jamie
Great Instructable, and congrats on getting the front page of How 2.0 in Popsci!
how did you cover up the staples on the clear plastic were the beer bottles are?
jamiep (author)  someniceguyon6 years ago
I used the chrome detail trim that is adhesive backed to cover all that. Comes in different colors, sizes, and styles at autozone and similar. check out www.jamiepricecreative.com and scroll through the pics. jamie
I need to make one T_T
djsteils6 years ago
Can you be specific with the wiring? I am building a similar beer turntable for my dorm room. How do the limit switches work?
jamiep (author)  djsteils6 years ago
Are you building just the turn table and need to stop the beers, or are you building an elevator too? jamie
keithjk16 years ago
I love it! Great name for this robot bar, Its has me dumb struck LOL. I want to build one my self now. Are you planning on being anywhere in the Chicago area? I will go just to see BaR2D2. Ha! I Love it!
jamiep (author)  keithjk16 years ago
BaR2D2 will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Popular Science Magazine (should be May?). Also, it will appear on a Discovery Channel show that will air sometime in May (tentatively called Loose Screws). It will also be going to Atlanta for Dragon*con Labor Day weekend. thanks! jamie
MaltiK6 years ago
I dont think you mentioned what paint you used? Could you provide a link, I really like it!
jamiep (author)  MaltiK6 years ago
Are you talking about the blue? If so, that is blue sintra plastic (about 1/8"thick). If you are talking about the black, that is spray on truck bed liner. jamie
MaltiK jamiep6 years ago
Awww dam, so you measured sintra and morphed it to the wood's exterior? very clever? Did you do so with just a heat gun?
1arrow246 years ago
By the gods, i was more and more impressed every time i scrolled down to another step!
jamiep (author)  1arrow246 years ago
Thanks! :) I appreciate the feedback. It was definitely a LONG build and I love to see people's reaction to BaR2 when he wheels around a corner. ps - did you see the upgrade progress on step 16? Almost done! jamie
1arrow24 jamiep6 years ago
sweet! be sure to post the final product asap
nopesi jamiep6 years ago
See the recent post by "nopesi"
are you drunk
because its beer
no offence
Excellent work and craftsmanship. This is truly the work of a professional. I had one question: What is the system that is pictured for the future upgrade? I am curious as to the entire solenoid system for mixing drinks at home. I'd love to know all the equipment you plan to use in the future.
jamiep (author)  otbpaintball6 years ago
I am farther along on the automated drink mixer now. Check out the new pics on step #16. This unit will replace the shot dispenser that is on the bot now. jamie
jamiep (author)  otbpaintball6 years ago
Thanks for the compliments! To answer some questions regarding the upgrade: I ordered the parts to be cut from the waterjetter this week (you can see the parts layout I designed (my buddy Ken helped draw them for CAD) in the last step). To give you an idea, the system uses a tiny compressed air tank (120psi) and regulates that down to about 9-12psi. That air is fed into 6 plastic ingredient bottles that are equipped with another outlet/siphon tube. The outlet is then connected to a solenoid valve (6 bottles, 6 valves). The solenoids are turned off and on with 12volts. I am getting a circuit board that does i/o switching and a drink database from a guy who designed the software. More on that when it comes... I will probably do a whole instructable on just the liquor system upgrade as many people might be interested in that... To the comment about putting a keg in a bot - let me try to disuade you - it will foam like crazy. Bottle and cans work great, but the keg didn't work for Shi%. The first iteration of BaR2D2 was called Keg2d2... he is no longer with us :) Remember to vote! :)
So the solenoid dispensing system is being designed by you, or is a purchasable kit?
jamiep (author)  otbpaintball6 years ago
I am designing my air/bottle setup for this application. I am working from a design that I saw that used C02 and a little more complicated stuff. I opted for compressed air because I can use a miniature compressor to fill it in a minute or two while at an event vs having to find a co2 shop. The solenoids are off the shelf items from mcmastercarr. I will definitely shed more light on the system when the electronics are nailed down. :)
freakin amazing very cool concept . Not sure if you want to market it but it would be cool to in case it in a clear shell add a automated drink maker / dispenser along with of course a pay by visa / debit accepter . Jay
jamiep (author)  gopherhead896 years ago
The automated dispenser is VERY close to being finished.. stay tuned :) jamie
nepheron6 years ago
Congrats! You only have 2 days till you get a 20,000$ sears credit. You have practically already won...
julienrl6 years ago
how much do all the parts cost?
Yeah I was wondering that as well!!! so how much did it cost!!! great instructable!!! very cool and creative!!!
jamiep (author)  milo0is0hot06 years ago
the radio and speed controllers are the biggest cost (radio about $250, each speed controller (2) about $150. Battery was about $75. Used wheel chair $75. Everything else was off the shelf stuff at Home Depot or plastic suppliers.
Jason_G6 years ago
Is this from the Bender Series 1 line of robots?
jamiep (author)  Jason_G6 years ago
heh...it's sort of like Bender...but with more class :)
strangebike6 years ago
I can only approve easier beer access is a high priority for any red blooded male and this will impress most girls I know as well. It's looks really well finished as well well done fella top job rate 5/5
hernanai6 years ago
Holy Phuck! 5/5.... Favorited!
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