Step 11: Installing the Plastic Skin

The mobile bar is sheeted in 1/8 inch Sintra. Sintra is an expanded PVC plastic that comes in a rainbow of colors from any plastic supplier (usually in 4 x 8 sheets). The Sintra cuts like butter on the table saw (use a high tooth count blade for best results).

The easiest way to make the pieces is to first make a template from thin cardboard then cut the plastic piece. Make them a little oversized so you can make fine fitting adjustments.

The plastic is quite flexible and springy so ratchet straps were used to keep the larger pieces in place while they were attached. Drill pilot holes and attach the pieces with #6 wood screws.

The clear plastic that covers the beer level is 1/16 inch polycarbonate (also available from any plastic supplier). This was attached using an air stapler. Make sure you use a scrap and test the stapling pressure before you move on to your actual piece.

The table top was made using the router table setup just like the earlier bulkheads. Mount it using contact cement.

Make any cutouts where access points are needed (speed controllers, drawer, etc.).