Step 13: Installing the Lighting

Two 15 inch neon rings were purchased from ebay. These come in many sizes and colors and are usually used for speaker installations. They operate via a 12 volt power transformer that has a built-in switch and sensitivity for pulsing to sound.

Mount the neon rings using the supplied hardware and instructions. Hide the wires using wire loom and run them through holes in the rings and serving level. Note - after mounting the lower neon ring, you would then attach the top wood ring to the structure and then mount the top neon ring.

The beers are illuminated by a camping light that has 60 white LED bulbs (ebay). This was attached with Velcro to the ceiling. For added brightness, a white Sintra circle was cut with the router and contact cemented to the ceiling of the beer area.

To enhance the lighting, a set of three blue LED pods (12 volt) were attached to the bottom of the robot body. These are commonly used to illuminate motorcycles and cast a soft blue glow under the robot. Note - these were not yet installed when the video was taken.