Step 14: Finishing Touches

I ordered a set of LED flashing glasses available from ebay. These add a good deal of personality to BaR2D2.


A small ice scoop was purchased locally from a restaurant supply store.

A graphic designer buddy of mine drew up a great logo. This was taken to a sign shop that output/cut several logos in white adhesive-backed vinyl. Once applied, it looks like it rolled off a factory floor :)

We used some of the color inkjet iron-on transfers and made a few shirts to wear as well.

One item of note is the transport cradle. I used some 3/4 inch scrap plywood and traced an 18 inch circle on it and cut it in half. Three threaded rods and nuts from Home Depot were used to attach them together. Foam pipe insulation provides a soft cradle for the robot to lay on. This cradle was necessary to get the bot into my SUV for transport.