Step 16: What's Next for BaR2D2?

Picture of What's Next for BaR2D2?
As I write this, BaR2D2 is undergoing upgrades. The store bought shot dispenser will be removed. In its place will be six plastic bottles and a pressurized/regulated air system. A laptop computer with an extensive drink database will send commands to a Bluetooth receiver/circuit board on BaR2D2 which, in turn, will send them to six solenoid valves that dispense mixed drinks to order! The upgrade should be complete by Feb/Mar 2009.

BaR2D2 is scheduled to attend Dragon*con again this Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. If you see us, come check him out :)

Here is a pic of the upgrade parts template. Stay tuned for updates to BaR2D2!

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I've seen this project around 100 times, and every 100 times I think it's fantastic! Congratulations. The project itself is incredible, and the instructable was neat, simple, and sharp clear! Thanks for sharing this.
jamiep (author)  AngelAscanio4 years ago
On another note - check out my latest project that is in the Humana contest. If you think it's a winner, vote and rank it highly. Thanks!

LuciferRex5 years ago
As if it wasn't already the end-all of machines....now you have to add a liquor mixing component?!?  Amazing.  I bow to your ability.
All hail the moving alcohol machine!