Step 2: Creating the Vertical Stringers and Grooves

Picture of Creating the Vertical Stringers and Grooves
Next, I ripped the vertical stringers from poplar on the tablesaw. You will end up with six pieces that are 1 inch x 3/4 inch x 43 inches.

You will need a dado saw blade for the next steps. This tool allows you to stack blades and spacers to cut nice, clean grooves.

Cutting 3/4 inch grooves in the poplar vertical stringers and circles will make the bar fit together like a puzzle when assembled. Cut grooves at the end, then at ten inches down, then 20 inches, then 32 inches, and finally, the other end.

To cut the grooves in the circles, I stacked them, put a bolt in the middle to hold them together, then clamped them between two blocks and ran them through the dado blade as pictured. The six uprights will be spaced equally all the way around. Note - Take note of the pictures in the other steps as some of the pieces will get cut away to allow for the drawer.