Step 3: Assembling the Main Structure

Picture of Assembling the Main Structure
Next, we will assemble our notched pieces with glue and screws. Use a hand drill to bore pilot holes in the pieces. Use a countersink bit on the vertical pieces to make the screws sit flush. Note - do not install the top ring for the dome yet as it gets installed later.

As you can see in the pics, we used three of the vertical stringers to go the full length of the robot. The other three, we cut off and attached them from the table level to the bottom. Use a square to make sure everything is straight.

Note - You will have two rings left over at this point.

The neon in the pics is for fitting purposes at this point.

atanguay6 years ago
Utterly amazing and well done. What I like about this is how resourceful you were on a lot of the parts. The hoopty neon rings are just brilliant...maybe the only set of those going to a cool use. Plus it seems to have impressed Cap'n Reynolds. It needs to poop beer nuts like a rabbit though. 8-)