Step 7: Making the Beer Elevator

The level above the mixer drawer houses the beer section. Beers rotate on a beer turntable and then an elevator brings them to the table level.

Since there wasn't a "beer elevator" at the store, I had to invent one. I bought a cordless caulk gun from Harbor Freight ($40) and disassembled it. This is basically a linear actuator that is extremely compact. This is run at 12 volts.

To control the elevator via the remote, I visited Team Delta and purchased a RCE220 rc switch. This allows the motor to operate in both directions, stop at limit switches, and be controlled from one button on the remote. Follow the instructions that came with the RCE220 to wire the elevator.

Using a hole saw, I drilled a 3.5 inch hole in the table top. This needs to be positioned so that the edge of the hole is just inside the ring on the table top. Directly under that hole, drill a 1.5 inch hole in the floor of the beer section. Using wood screws, mount the elevator to the underside of the beer level.