Step 9: Creating the Mounting Plate for the Base

Picture of Creating the Mounting Plate for the Base
Bar 2 D 2 003.jpg
Bar 2 D 2 006.jpg
In the drivetrain step, we explained the need for three solid points to mount the robot body. This step explains how to make the male side. A plate was cut from 3/4 inch plywood at 45 degree angles on the tablesaw for a low profile (approximately 16 inches x 10 inches)

You will need to mark your three mount points from your drivetrain onto the plate and install 1/4 inch counter sunk bolts with nuts. The plate is then centered on the bottom of the robot body and attached with glue and screws from both sides for a solid mount.

We use split washers and wing nuts for quick assembly/disassembly. Holes were drilled to allow the wires for the battery and motors to pass through.
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