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Thanks for all the positive responses so far. I will post updates to the build and attachments here. I came up with the safety after negligently discharging a net while filling the pressure chamber. It is so easy to make, every responsible net gun owner should have one. I developed the tennis ball attachment while working on an older net gun design that had a 2" net holder, it is a lot of fun for the $3 it costs to make.

Mechanical Trigger Safety

A very simple mechanical safety that will prevent the net gun from firing in the event the trigger is unintentionally actuated.

  • Supplies

Scrap 1/2" pvc pipe
Small rubber band


  • Cut a short length of 1/2" pipe, probably between 1/4" and 3/8", it will depend on the specifics of the blow gun. It needs to fit under the blow gun handle and be thick enough to prevent the handle from depressing the valve underneath. You made need to cut a wedge out of one side of the ring to allow it to slip under the handle.
  • Loop rubber band around one end of ring, and through itself. Take the free loop of the rubber band and slide onto the body of the blow gun valve.
  • To put ON SAFE, slide ring around brass valve underneath lever Fig 1. To take OFF SAFE, slide ring down and out of the way of valve and lever Fig 2.

Tennis Ball Launcher

The inside diameter of a 2" PVC coupler fits a tennis ball perfectly. If you own a ball chasing canine, this will forever associate the bang of compressed air with the joy of the chase.

  • Supplies

1 1" slip to 1" MPT adapter
1 2" coupler
1 2" to 1" reducing bushing
2" length of 1" PVC pipe (scrap from pressure chamber assembly)
At least one tennis ball
PVC primer and cement


  • Fig 3 is a view of all the components needed for this attachment.
  • Glue the bushing into the coupler.
  • Glue the 1" pipe into the slip end of the of the 1" MPT adapter.
  • Glue the exposed 1" pipe from the MPT adapter into the bushing. Let set for 24 hours.
  • Unscrew and remove the net attachment, and thread on the tennis ball attachment. With tennis ball on the ground push the launcher attachment over the tennis ball until it is firmly seated Fig 4.
  • Pressurize and fire. Repeat as necessary. If you have a slobbery dog Fig 5 you will appreciate not having to touch the drool covered ball.


MyronH124 days ago

@ RDmaniac on the end of compressed air tank there is a tire stem -like on a car or bicycle tire .Use a compressor with a tire fitting to fill the tank with compressed air

RDmaniac6 months ago

Hi, i couldnt quite figure out the source of compressed air... can someone please explain what powers this launcher?

Nykus795 years ago
Look like I has found weapon non-leathel to use on police who chase me after i did something break laws. it should slow them down
ToddisI Nykus794 years ago
gadgetgizmo5 years ago
 Have you designed a more polished trigger system?
fart muffin5 years ago
cool dog :)
about how fast, (fps) or (mph) does the tennis ball go?
PurpBeast6 years ago
I made a wine cork attachment. Shoots those things hard and fast.
knoxville6 years ago
Would you recommend drilling the PVC piping to make sure that it has an extra hold on each other, or would the epoxy glue be enough?
crispyjones (author)  knoxville6 years ago
Sorry, I am not sure which particular part you are referring to.
I was wondering with the constant release and increase of pressure would the glue hold it in place? I was wondering if i could/should use screws to help hold the gun in place.
crispyjones (author)  knoxville6 years ago
I don't think that is necessary, and it might just make it more prone to leaking around the screw threads. There isn't anything particularly novel about building a pneumatic device out of PVC using solvent welding. Just search "pneumatic spud gun" and you will get a lot of hits. Just one <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/End-Around-Pneumatic-Cannon/">example</a> from this site.<br/>
alright good point thank you very much.
sasha0986 years ago
well, it took me two days but i did it.