Step 4: What you will need...

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You will need quite a lot of stuff to make the plasma speaker...

  • TL494 chip (Datasheet for TL494)
  • 200uF (or 220uF) - 50v electrolytic capacitor
  • 47nF - 250v (or similar voltage ratings) capacitor
  • 100nF - 50v capacitor
  • 10nF - 50v capacitor
  • 2.2K - 1/4W resistor
  • 10 ohm - 1/4W resistor
  • UF4007 diode (or other fast diode that is rated 1A (or more) and 500v (or more)
  • 10K - 1/4W potentiometer (same thing as a variable resistor)
  • 22K - 1/4W potentiometer (same thing as a variable resistor)
  • Audio jack
  • Wires
  • IRF540 MOSFET (other MOSFET's with similar ratings should work)
  • Large heatsink
  • Flyback transformer (can be found from old CRT.)
  • 12v power source (for TL494 oscillator / I used a 9v battery)
  • 12v to 40v power source (for the flyback transformer)
  • Breadboard (for testing)
  • Veroboard

I bought most of my electronic parts from Farnell.

  • Soldering iron
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Helping hands
  • Hot glue gun

  • Good with a soldering iron.
  • Can read schematics.
  • Know what you are doing when you are dealing with high voltage.
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you said you meant 47uf instead od 47nf witch one is right ?
htc1095 years ago
 can anyone give me advice on a good enough power source or atleast how to make one using some kind of batteries or power adapters????
You can modifiy a atx computer power supply to give you around 20a, its realy easy
a car battery will work
Plasmana (author)  htc1095 years ago
You can use a car battery...

Power supplies are not recommended as they have 'noise' in the lines, it will interfere the performance of the plasma speaker.
 i have a power supply which is 30v would a capacitor to filter the noise?
havent tried it yet, nor have i built this plasma speaker, but i do know car alarm transmitter batteries are rated at 12V


radioshack isnt the best place for components but batteries should be fine lol
arianen4 years ago
I've been looking around at all of the websites mentioned in the comments, but still haven't been able to track down the 22K potentiometer. If someone could give me a link to where I can buy it, that would be great!
A 25K potentiometer will work fine.
Mythx205 years ago

Does anybody know the wattage rating of the components used? I'm an Electrical Engineering Technologist student and I'm trying to purchase the correct parts, but the wattage rating of the potentiometers, capacitors and resistors aren't listed. 1/4 Watt? possibly 1-3 or 4 watt?

Plasmana (author)  Mythx205 years ago
I have edited step 4 to give the information you require. :)
The only other question I have is the size of the wiring you used. Was it 18 gauge? same with the size you used to wrap around your ferrite core
Plasmana (author)  Mythx205 years ago
It is 16 gauge.
It seems a 47uF 250v capacitor is extremely hard to find, even on Farnell. I'm assuming the 10 and 100 nF caps are disc ceramic, through hole. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a 47uF 250v cap?
Camera flash
lynchpman4 years ago
I have an IRF630 MOSFET. Would that be considered a "similar rating" and work instead of the IRF540?
dancsa4 years ago
I looked into the IC datasheet, it says, Vcc can be up to 40 V... Why is it 12V and not powered from the same powersource as the flyback?
Erty_W4 years ago
I have no fast diodes rated more than 500 V, but instead one rated for 200 V and the other rated for 400 V.
Is it correct that I may put the 200 V diode in parallel with a 10 megaohm resistor, the 400 V diode in parallel with a 20 megaohm resistor and then connect them in series instead of a single diode rated for 500 V?
would a 1N4007 diode work? i had a UF4007, but it did the reversal thing that diodes do when they die. i have liek 10 1N4007's laying around though.
Plasmana (author)  Tristian_Lyons226 years ago
It should work, but less efficiently...
what about a 1N5404? better or worse than the 1N4007. i dont know much about picking diodes out, so sorry for all the questions
Plasmana (author)  Tristian_Lyons226 years ago
Yes, the 1N5404 diode would work better than the 1N4007 diode.
 i have heaps of germanium diodes everywhere would they work for this?
they will burn out almost instantly. they uswaly olny support less than 1A and less than 60V
I could use a transistor instead of IRF540 2N3055?
yes. make sure you have a heatsink and a small value resistor between the base and the output pin from the chip
kumaraman4 years ago
Hey Plasmana, i am really interested in this project, i just cant source the correct TL494 with the same specs. I was wondering if this was ok.

if not could you direct me somewhere i could find this

So correct me if I'm wrong, but assuming that you've salvaged the flyback mosfets and power supply, this actually looks like it's a project that can be built for less than $20 USD?
Taost5 years ago
I cant seem to find a 22k potentiometer online on the website I'm buying the parts off of, The closest I could find are 20k and 25k , which one should I get?
The 25K should work fine
davydo25 years ago
Hello, ok, I have found  a flyback trans fome a old tv. But insted of winding 5 or so tunrs on the ferrite side for the prmy could i gust use the one already bult in I have found the correct pins for prmy secon 0volt pint ect. or will there not be the correct  voltage on the seconary windings.   
thescroll6 years ago
When you say "large heatsink," what size range do you mean?
seeing as how some peoples mosfets have blown up, go for as big as possible. i jb welded some heat sinks together to be safe.
knoxarama5 years ago
are there any devices you can scrap to get a tl494 so buying isn't necesary?
sipes2165 years ago
plasmana, here's a pretty good Q i have for you. the "12v to 40V power source" you specify. what exactly are you using here? are you using two power sources, one for 12v, and another for 40v? i'm not exactly sure what is meant by this.

i've got the board completed, but i'm just waiting on a mosfet to arrive at my local electroics store along with the nte1729 (nte version of TL494).

also, on the flyback, for the windings, is it possible just to use a bare ferrite core and make the needed primary and secondary windings on either end of the unit?
i managed to score an old magnavox ferrite core.
Flyawave5 years ago
Is there a reason why I can't just attatch the right and left channels to the mains, one on live, the other on neutral, using diodes to stop the current going the wrong way?
TheBestJohn5 years ago
 would a uf4001 work instead of a 4007?
 No it will not... it's only rated at 50V... 1/10 of what is required
nsuder5 years ago
can some one give me a link to buy the 200uf 50v electrolytic capacitor and the 47fn 250v capacitor 
randomapps5 years ago
is this the correct TL494 there are a lot of them at farnell
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