Step 5: Build the prototype on the bread board

Picture of Build the prototype on the bread board
Do what the title says... Build the circuit on the bread board!

Why on a bread board and not build it directly onto the veroboard?

Well, it is a very good idea to build the prototype on the bread board before you solder the components onto the veroboard because...
  • You will get a better idea on how to build a 'real' one on the veroboard.
  • You can make sure all the components are working fine, if not, you can replace it easily.
  • You can modify or tweet the circuit a bit to give the plasma speaker a better performance.

I built my circuit using my simplified schematic on the bread board that is connected to the "Electronic Lab" kit that I got a long time ago.

To connect the flyback transformer to the circuit, wind 5 or more turns of thick solid-core wire on the ferrite core. That will be your primary coil.
123456dang1 year ago
And the flyback transformer I can see it has a lot of leg so which one can I solder the coils in? And one more that can I replace the coils with the spark plug in the car?
123456dang1 year ago
I read it and I wondering that what can I do to protect my phone which will have a chance be strike from tesla coils? help me please!
ivver2 years ago
Could you put this circuit to the Tesla coil? I mean, will it be the same results when you put flyback and Tesla coil?
Dutch_Razor3 years ago
Looks like a very nice idea,the sound is good too!

Wouldn't it be much easier to drive the MOSFET with a micro controller though? You'd pretty much only need 2 components (aside from the flyback stuff).
jbryan4 years ago
i went to that site and looked for that flyback transformer but idk specifically what specs it requires can you help me out with that?
amizzy554 years ago
Hi plasmana,
im 16, a junior in high school, and i decided to do your plasma speaker experiment for my science fair project. i brought the idea with all the info to my chemistry teacher and she said it was the most incredible thing in the world. she agreed along with another school science teacher to help me out with it. i have ordered all the parts u have specified and now im just waiting for them to all arrive. im just wondering do you have any tips or helpful pointers to keep me from screwing this thing up? thanks!
can i use a 555 for this??
mattandphil5 years ago
 We have built our circuit exactly as shown in the schematic, yet we are not getting ANY result through the flyback.  No arc, but we know voltage is flowing through the primary, any thoughts on what is wrong? is our flyback broken?
SkyKid905 years ago
I finished building my prototype, but just producing a buzzing annoying noise, I need some guidance here, and with how many volts should I work, 12 or 9?
 try using a battery wall transformers aren't true dc 
htc1095 years ago
 does increasing the number of turns effect the output or something?   and the primary voltage?,- shoud it not be A.C??.      how much voltage and amperes should be in the primary, n can someone explain how to connect the primary voltage properly, as soon as possible!!!
how far apart should the arc wires be?
can you just keep the circuit on the breadboard or will it get too hot?
jaredtkatz5 years ago
 My flyback has both the high voltage out as well as two other, thinner cables: a red one and a black one.  What are these for? Do I jump the current from the high voltage out (thick red) to the black cable (ground) or do I need to find the ground pin?  Are these two other cables not even necessary?  Thanks a lot!
Quick question, on your flyback you only have the one lead, not counting the secondary coil you wound. On my flyback, taken from an old crt, the transformer has four leads, two for primary and two for secondary i'm assuming. Can i use the primary leads that are already attached or do i have to wind my own? Another thing, does the spark go between the two secondary wires or from the red lead to ground? And how do i find which leads are which? Thanks.
majorkuso6 years ago
If I read the schematic right your ground is electrical ground correct or to battery or adapter( voltage source).? also where is the secondary on the flyback, that would be the HV pin aka the Aquadag connector(suction cup) and bottom ground pin on flyback correct?
hello, when running more IRF540's in parallel, do i need to have a diode for each MOSFET, or is just the one included in the schematics ok? thanks!
Hi, I'm trying to make it work on the 12V of a pc power supply. Of course, if I just connect it as shown on the schematic it shorts the PSU so I have to limit the current with a resistor. Should I limit the current to the maximum of the fuse in the PSU?
htc1096 years ago
i am 14 years old and i wanted to make this for our scool's science fair project. i hv adoubt about this project........can someone please urgently help me with this??? especially plasmana....i urgently need help with figuring out where to connect the two wires which will make the arc......... plz.. can someone help me with this project.......within ONE day!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Plasmana (author)  htc1096 years ago
You will need the the high voltage line (the thick red one) and the ground pin which is on the bottom of the flyback transformer to produce an arc. Finding the ground pin with a group of other pins can be a bit tricky, but the easy way to fine the ground pin is to bring the thick red wire close the the group of pins. Which ever the pin is the arc most attracted to is the ground pin.
ElfArrow6 years ago
Thanks for the awesome design! Can you recommend a good flyback transformer to use? I picked one up off of e-bay but there is no room between the core and the housing to slip a thick wire in to make the 5 turns. TY in advance.
niggsy19856 years ago
hi plasmana, jus a quick question, on the output of the flyback transformer, what does it arc to, is the other pin just earthed, or is it connected to gnd on the transformer, or some over pin, thats the only thing i cant work out. any help would be much appreciated, cheers
Alex McCown6 years ago
funny ... i prototype with the same electronics learning lab :-P ... if i want to audiomod a flyback i use a 555 and mod pin 5 but this is a nice way to
Plasmana (author)  Alex McCown6 years ago
That is cool!

I had tried to use the pin 5 of the 555 chip, but the arc length has decrees dramatically, and the audio is bad...

I later learn the pin 5 is used to control voltage??
u need to amp up the voltage going in to the same as ur 555 voltage (about 12v) and put a diode across to make it dc ... it does decrease allot but i used an ac flyback
show schematic please
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se00an6 years ago
Amazing project, I ave never worked with a flyback before, although I have a few lying around. I see the top high voltage output wire, but what connects to the other end of the spark gap, is it one of the many leads on the bottom? Would you possibly be able to include a picture of your active flyback circuit? Thanks! Sean Michnowski
Plasmana (author)  se00an6 years ago
If you never worked with flyback transformers before, you should start making simple circuits before you build something very complex.... The schematic below shows a very simple flyback transformer circuit.
se00an Plasmana6 years ago
I will try this circuit, but for the primary coil, which is better to use: should I wrap wire around the ferrite core, or is it better if I just use the two primary coil pins on the bottom?
Plasmana (author)  se00an6 years ago
It is better to wrap your own wires around the ferrite core.

  • Feedback: 3 turns of wire
  • Primary: 5 turns of wire
Howdy! Just curious, the 12-40V supply for the flyback primary. Is that AC or DC? ? ? Cheers! ! !
Plasmana (author)  Rancid-Fetus6 years ago
xklathos6 years ago
what is the name of this breadboard?
zim09096 years ago
i have the same radio shack learning lab along with the sensor one. I stayed all night when i first got the one you have messing with it. This instructable make me want to build one too, i love the arcs it produces. After this, then a tesla coil.
itsachen6 years ago
thats a nice breadboard