Step 9: Enjoy and impress your friends!

Well, there is the instructions to make your own Plasma Speaker! Go ahead and pump in your favorite music then listen and watch the arc dance with the music and admire what you had built...

Then show it to your friends and family, I can guarantee you they will be greatly impressed.

When my Dad first saw my plasma speaker in operation, his first words about it are: "What the f... Tha... Thats impossible." He is wrong, nothing is impossible... Nothing.

I have a question: Could you use a plasma speaker for the delivery method of a RIFE machine? (If you dont know what a rife machine is google it, it can cure many diseases including lyme)
nothings impossible??? so u could fly by flappin ur arms
Flap them 3,000 times a second maybe.
i realy love high voltage but my mom said that im going to die if i do this instructable
Plasmana (author)  sciencenerd16166 years ago
That is sort of true, you will die it you are not careful with high voltage.
could you use a like a faraday cage built into a glove? if so do you know how? coul you just like put foil or wire mesh onto a glove?
You would be touching the thing, and it wouldnt be connected to ground, so it would just be a big glove shaped sheet of metal helping the electricity to get into you
Ground the glove? Maybe? With a rubber glove underneath? Provided it doesn't melt and fuse to your skin...
even though at 4000 volts there wont be much more than a few mA of current? (lethal "dose" is 7-10mA) everyone making this, remember, current kills, however voltage hurts. a lot. it can also burn
put a ballast on it to limit the current to 10mA that will regulate the current so if you get a shock it wont kill you
don't tell your mom next time
1. You could make the heatsink an insulated coil and then keep it in some water to help it cool off faster. 2. You could also make a plexiglass box, drill a bunch of holes in it (like 30 per sq. in.) and wire it so the probes are protected and people might not be as stupid to touch it (I know some people that would so that's why I mentioned it).
Plasmana (author)  Sagar Gondaliya6 years ago
Using mineral oil is much better than water, but good idea though!
 hey plasmana :) would putting the mosfet in a bucket of dry ice make it last longer?
Plasmana (author)  Sagar Gondaliya6 years ago
Your welcome.
i' very young and i have made a tazer. the big problem is that my mom would not let me take apart a crt she says that is too dangerous . is there any other way i could get a fly back
Plasmana (author)  sciencenerd16166 years ago
Try ebay, there are very often flybacks for sale.
Thaile6 years ago
Quick questions...1. Does this chip need any coding as in: Pic Basic Pro to work? 2. Texas Instruments has many versions of this chip, which exact chip did you use here? Lastly, you used battery here, can we use wall transformer to make this work? Thanks!
Wolfin6 years ago
I really like this! Been looking for a plasma speaker tutorial and this one is finally simple enough to try! (Not to mention in the right language.)